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We were all excited when our phones lit up with that notification.  I'm sure you remember it like it was yesterday.  It led you here, and it probably came from CNN, ESPN, Fox Sports, or virtually any app on your mobile device.

"Supreme Court Knocks down 1992 ruling opening the door for legal sports betting."

The news is exciting, albeit a bit misleading.  From a media perspective, it looks as if we are entering a prohibition like situation.  Sports gambling is finally legal for US citizens.  In reality, the world's most affluent nation is late to a sportsbook party that's been rocking since Bill Gates discovered the internet.  So where can you find the best online sportsbook USA bettors can count on?


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BetOnline is a privately owned and operated offshore sportsbook that was founded in 2004.  BetOnline is headquartered in Panama City, Panama and is run by CEO Eddie Robbins III who appears to be an Alabama resident and avid entrepreneur.  BetOnline has had staggering growth in the last decade.  In 2006, just two years after its founding, BetOnline was named a top 50 sportsbook worldwide for customer base by   Now, nearly a decade later, BetOnline is one of the top 5 places to bet on sports in the world based on google search queries.

BetOnline usually has the best line values and should ALWAYS be part of your sportsbook arsenal.  There have been no shortage of times that BetOnline has come in a full 20 cents lower in juice on a runline for our MLB picks.  That amount of juice is clutch and comes in as a secondary bonus for us in addition to the other great deposit bonuses that BetOnline provides.

Much like its top 5 competitor MyBookie, BetOnline is great with redeposit bonuses and helps you reload at a great rate.

NFL and NCAAFB betting are the most popular sports betting options for BetOnline and because of that it's our #1 book for football season.  The sportsbook is very much worth your time (and will pay for it).

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MyBookie is proof that you shouldn't take everything at face value, especially when it comes from google.  MyBookie gets a bad rap if you "google it."  The section "Reddit sportsbook" in particular gives MyBookie a scathing review over a small deposit snafu ($100 to be exact).  We're here to put an end to the grublings.  MyBookie is a completely legitimate sportsbook and comes in at #2 on our list.

We've never had a problem getting our money in or out of MyBookie.  The sportsbook is very thorough with their text messages and messages you the minute you deposit or withdraw.  They include reference numbers and amounts.  They leave no bases empty and our experience couldn't be more night and day than r sportsbook user "shadybetslips."

In 2018 alone our writers have cashed three times with MyBookie in amounts over $5,000.  All transactions with MyBookie have been made efficiently and anonymously through cryptocurrency and coinbase.  All occurred 24-48 hours of the withdrawl request.  MyBookie is as automatic as clockwork which is one of the reasons it leapfrogged its rival Bovada.

In addition to a comprehensive set of lines, MyBookie engages its players with constant bonuses.  Sportsbook points can be redeemed for various rewards as you gain tenure as a player.  Redeposit bonuses are also frequent.

One of my favorite MyBookie memories came recently during a deposit adventure I had in January.  I was alerted to a "ladies night" redeposit promo bonus on my phone and jumped into action.  The chance at 50% up to $500 was so exciting that I decided to try for a dude.

My friends at MyBookie still hooked us up with the bonus.  I credit it to having an awesome lady in my own life, but I think MyBookie just wants to make some of its money back from me.

"France to win the World Cup +800" is still seared into the minds of the book.  We sure like sharing our winners here at LazyBets and recommend you come beat MyBookie with us.  It's a lucrative past time.

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Intertops is an excellent sportsbook option. If time were the only thing we used to measure the validity of an online sportsbook, Intertops would be at the top of this list.  They are the first online sportsbook to ever exist.

Intertops was founded by Simon Noble way back in 1983.   Noble later went on to compete against his own the company he founded when he joined Pinnacle to lead marketing.  While scandalous, that's a different story for a different day.

Noble's main significance is as a founding father of the space.  He brought sportsbooks into mainstream media consciousness by preparing and sharing information. His tactics were largely successful and Intertops is a historical property for online gamblers that is the equivalent of "The Alamo" in San Antonio.  It is the first sportsbook software ever developed and also the first to come to market with any sort of success.

The Intertops sportsbook project began when I was just 6 years old in 1994 and concluded with a launch date just in time for the Super Bowl.  On January 17, 1996, Jukka Honkavarra made the first ever online sports bet with Intertops. Just eight years later in 2002, Intertops had over 500,000 players in an age where people didn't have computers.

That's half a million users in 2002...that means they were all using dial up.

Intertops has survived generations and, as they say, you'll never forget your first.  You have to be a good bookmaker to make it this high on the LazyBets list.  You have to be even better to  pioneer and survive two decades in  anything online, let alone online bookmaking.

CompUSA and Toys R' Us are just a few victims of the wave Intertops has successfully ridden.  We hear every day how businesses have struggled with the change to online lifestyle.  The longevity the bookmaker has accrued over the years is what makes it so special.

Intertops is competitive with their deposit bonus setup despite having so many active players.  While limited at just 50% for a $200 debit deposit, Intertops really comes through with their Cryptocurrency bonus.  Deposit with bitcoin and you will see your money matched up to $1000 at 100%.

Cashouts are fast at Intertops and the residual bonuses are a nice perk.  If anything goes awry, customer service can direct you to a solution.  I've had two short exchanges with Intertops and have been impressed with how accurate and quick their solutions were for me.

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Bovada is the first sportsbook that we ever had action with at LazyBets and they mean a lot to us because of it.  You may not remember, but we certainly recall when things were tougher for US bettors.  We had to fax in our depositing credit cards and ID's way back in the early 2000's.  Bovada was one of the few that would take our action when lines were much more blurred than they are today.

Bovada claims to have done over $1BN in annual bookings since it came into existence and we find the number to be more than credible.  It is one of the more credible and consistent names in the business.

While Bovada has re-branded under several different names over its 18 years in the space, it has always come back to surface under the leadership of Calvin Ayre who is considered one of the top sportsbook minds in the world.

Bovada has a consistent bonus structure and even rewards players on volume.  Cashback may be our favorite gambling perk of any sportsbook.  It's a sliding reward that scales as you bet more and more over time.  We've achieved All Star Level 3 now at LazyBets.  With every loss we take, Bovada credits us back 9.5%.  It may not take away a loss, but it softens the blow.

The one complaint about Bovada is valid.  Due to the size of the sportsbook and its status as the marketshare leader online, Bovada doesn't always offer the best lines to its players because it doesn't need to.  This is one of the reasons we recommend leveraging three books at a time for the best possible juice pricing.

If using Bovada, make sure you pair your deposit with MyBookie, BetOnline, 5Dimes, or Intertops.  "Line shopping" will pay dividends for you on gameday.  You'll also pick up all that bonus money!

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5Dimes, Bovada, and Intertops are all a lot alike.  All three check the functionality boxes required by modern day bettors.  Customer service, bonuses, and mobile aren't a problem for these companies, but their longevity is what truly makes them special.

Like Bovada and Intertops, 5Dimes survived the uncertain beginnings of the online sportsbook wave.  AOL and dial up were required for action back then and they were all able to keep up with the times.  They may have changed and mobile phones and cryptocurrency largely dominate the focuses of the book, but the ability to survive when everything was so unclear is impressive.  5dimes dates back to the early 90's and is the second sportsbook we ever placed action with.

5Dimes stands out from the rest of the competition when you analyze the volume of sports they cover.  Looking for an obscure NBA summer league line?  Maybe darts odds are for you.  If you're an unusual sports bettor, 5dimes is the best place for your action.

If 5dimes receives one complaint, it's that its desktop interface is not the most up to date or "sexy."  The complaints are valid.  5dimes is a step behind in terms of look and feel.  Much like that old hook up though, this book more than gets the job done and you're sure to

Free play bonuses and a competitive entry deposit bonus keep 5dimes up top when compared the rest of the competition.  They really are a solid competitor.

Like the other books on this list, we recommend combining three of these options for the ultimate line shopping sportsbook portfolio.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

The short answer?  Yes, but lawyers would tell you it's a gray area.

Much like motorcycles passing through the center of lanes during traffic in California, the US has no definitive legal stance against online offshore gamblers.  The US government only takes exception to the running of a sportsbook itself.

US States have no definitive laws around online sports bettors.  The space a "Wild West" and there is no regulation within the United States.

Given the lack of regulation from the US, it is important to choose a sportsbook that does forthright and honest business.  That is the main reason that LazyBets exists.  In addition to providing excellent free picks, we aim to keep American bettors safe as regulation slowly comes to the states.

Approved is a "LazyBets Defined Term" meaning that the approval of the online casinos comes editorially from us and as an opinion of ours.


BetOnline, MyBookie, Intertops, Bovada, and 5Dimes make up the top 5 of a sportsbook list that includes some 22 different options for USA residents.  LazyBets is your leader for sportsbook reviews and gambling online.  We update our sportsbook reviews daily.  Stay tuned.  Regulation has introduced the prospect of both DraftKings and FanDuel entering the online sportsbook space.  Others will follow.  This space is changing quickly.  Bookmark us and let us do the legwork.  Let LazyBets be your continued home for gambling sharp while gambling safe.

Good luck out there everyone!

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