5dimes Online Sportsbook Review

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Known for its comprehensive wagering selection, 5Dimes is a bettor's paradise given just how many things you can bet on around the clock. With plenty of other positives to go with it, there is no surprise that the site is widely considered to be one of the best in the online sports betting industry.

5Dimes General Information

When it comes to a selection of betting markets to choose from, there is not going to be a site that outperforms 5Dimes. Established in the late-1990s, the site just has more to bet on than any other site in the industry. If you are someone who enjoys wagering on a variety of different sports, this is definitely the site for you. Included in the massive list of sports that 5Dimes covers are gems such as high school football, little league baseball, and even professional wrestling. For players who want to take a more traditional approach to their sports betting, 5Dimes has them covered too with an extensive selection of leagues and matches to choose from across all of the major sports out there. Beyond just odds on who is going to win each match, 5Dimes makes sure to include plenty of futures and prop betting in their arsenal of action. This includes futures betting on sports that do not typically receive as much attention as their more mainstream counterparts, with things like auto racing regularly receiving futures odds. What may be seen as a disappointment to some is the live betting selection at 5Dimes. The site does a great job of covering a number of different sporting events with their live betting, that much is for sure. In fact, they deserve credit for even including things like lower-tier soccer and baseball in their live betting repertoire. Where there may be some raised eyebrows is in the fact that they do not offer as many markets as you would like in terms of live betting, although this is a small complaint when you can bet on so many things at 5Dimes. Maybe the one other thing working against 5Dimes is their design. On both desktop and mobile devices, the need to click on a bunch of check marks to get to where you want to go on the site feels extremely cumbersome and hinders the overall experience on the site. This is definitely a site where you are going to be there for the betting and not the look and feel. There are definitely some things about 5Dimes that are not perfect, but they are small complaints compared to what the site does well, which is delivering a massive amount of betting options for everyone to choose from. If you are someone who prefers substance over style with your sports betting, you should enjoy 5Dimes immensely.

5Dimes Incentives

The bonus setup at 5Dimes is interesting, as by far the most valuable incentive that the site carries is its reduced juice program. This allows players to wager on certain events without having to put as much money down to earn their desired winnings. Over time, that reduced juice can really add up and give players the opportunity to earn substantial profits over the long term relative to what they would paying full price for each wager.

Restricted Countries

Bettors from the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Costa Rica, Ukraine, and Hungary are ineligible to participate in wagering at 5Dimes.

Accepted Deposit Methods

5Dimes players can fund their accounts using deposit methods including Visa transactions, person to person transactions, money orders, and Bitcoin. Bitcoin tends to be the most convenient option available, given that it has the lowest minimum deposit amount and no maximums or fees associated with those transactions.

Methods of Withdrawal

Winning players can make withdrawals using bitcoin, checks, money orders, bank wires, and person to person transactions. Again, Bitcoin is the most convenient here given that there is no fee for making a withdrawal using the cryptocurrency.

Business Hours

5Dimes is available around the clock for anything you may need from them. They offer wagering services and account support via phone, email, and live chat and they are all available 24 hours per day ane 7 days per week to accommodate the needs of any player.

Frequent Complaints

The one major complaint that seems to persist around 5Dimes is the conduct of members of their sportsbook management team. At times players have had their accounts shut down without a good reason, have been locked out of specific events if they had too much success in a given sport, and have even been threatened over funds in one notable instance. While this is certainly not the norm, it is troubling nonetheless.

Customer Service Reviews

Aside from the antics of the more high-ranking members of the 5Dimes staff at times, the reviews of 5Dimes customer service are largely positive. The site does a good job of addressing the concerns of their players as close to immediately as they can, and do a good job of getting accurate information out to everyone. However, the large negative of the behavior of their high level staff toward their customers is certainly a huge negative.

Live Chat

It is great that 5Dimes has a live chat that is available all day and every day. Perhaps even better is the fact that they are very quick to respond to the inquiries of their players and make everyone feel like their time is valuable. In a time-sensitive arena like sports betting, that is a very important thing to do and it reflects well on 5Dimes that they do it as well as they do.


Right now, English and Spanish are the two languages that 5Dimes supports. This takes care of most of what their players need in the United States, which is their primary audience.

Customer Service Phone Number

There are many phone numbers to get in touch with 5Dimes, including 1-800-430-5896 for their customer service team.

Customer Service Email

There is also the ability to get through to 5Dimes via email, which can be done at info@5Dimes.eu.