2018 NBA Draft – Odds and Free Picks

NBA Draft 2018 – Odds and Free Picks

One of the worst classes of all time, not like 2018.

It’s hard to believe, but the NBA draft is upon us and it will launch one of the most blockbuster NBA offseason periods in recent memory.  Before LeBron James, Paul George, DeAndre Jordan, and other mega star and max contract dominos fall in free agency, we must place the college kids on new rosters.  Luka Doncic and Deandre Ayton headline this draft.  When you combine them with talents like Collin Sexton and Trae Young, this is potentially a generational draft that will go along with a generational offseason.

The NBA is about to go through a seismic shift both in talent shifting and talent entering the league.

This year’s 1st round teams have an interesting decision.  They’ll all have to answer whether they think they have a chance to compete in 2019.  For many of them, the answer should be no.

With the Warriors currently looking unbeatable (they swept LeBron in god mode…absolutely ridiculous) there are a finite number of teams that have the assets and cap room to compete immediately in the NBA.  Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, and Golden State that have a chance as it stands right now.  If LeBron makes a super team elsewhere, there may be one more.  Every other GM should be playing for 5 years out and arranging their rosters as such, at least if they’re smart.

There are pieces available to trade for.  Kawhi Leonard is one of them, but he’ll come at a very steep price.  The Clippers, Knicks, Celtics, and Lakers have all been rumored as destinations for the two-time Defensive Player of the year.  Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Tobias Harris, and first round picks are just some of the items that have popped up on the HoopsHype rumor mill the last few days.  It will be interesting to see which franchises feel comfortable with gambling it all on Kawhi.  That decision may very well occur on draft night.

Here are some of the odds currently at BetOnline that are available for NBA Draft Futures.  Let’s dive in and see what else might happen as the youth movement in the NBA continues.

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NBA Draft Props and Futures:

Where will Gary Trent JR go?

Will Liangelo Ball Get Drafted?

Yes: -2500            No: +1000

Will Grayson Allen Be a 1st Round Pick?

Yes: -150              No: +120

Will Jalen Brunson be a 1st Round Pick?

Yes: +115             No: -145

Will Gary Trent Jr. be a 1st Round Pick

Yes: -130              No: +100

NBA Draft Position Futures:

Where will Texas star Mo Bamba go?

Mo Bamba

5th or Better: -220            6th or Worse: +180

Trae Young:

7th or Better: -130            8th or Worse: +100

Luka Doncic:

3rd or Better: +125           4th or Worse: -155

Wendell Carter Jr.:

7th or Better: -110            8th or Worse: -120

Miles Bridges:

11th or Better: +150         12th or Worse: -200

Jaren Jackson Jr.:

3rd or Better: +125           4th or Worse: -155

NBA Draft Free Pick #1

Trae Young:  8th or Worse +100

Trae Young looks likely to drop past 8.

This is one deep draft.  If you remember the start of the season, Trae Young was a hot name.  He still is, but he’s overshadowed by a lot of more dominant figures in this years draft.

After one year at Oklahoma, Young decided to enter the pro draft.  It’s not surprising in the least.  Young is widely considered the closest thing we’ve ever seen to Stephen Curry and we’re sure he’s ready to show off his extended range in The Association.

During the 2017-2018 season Young led the Sooners to the NCAA Tournament

Curry was extremely raw when he came into the league out of Davidson and was widely doubted despite his massive shooting confidence.  He ended up going 7th overall in a draft that ironically featured the last Oklahoma superstar before Young in Blake Griffin.  He went #1 overall that year followed by Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, and Ricky Rubio.  That draft was considered very deep much as this one is.

It’s expected that Trae Young will be raw when he comes into the league much as Curry was and that’s why he’s charting to the 7/8 range which explains BetOnline’s future line here.  With a smaller frame that needs more muscle, this may be considered a project for NBA GM’s.  As we mentioned earlier though, that may just be perfect.

We think this is a deeper draft than the 2009 class and at the end of the day it will be considered better than one of the best classes of all time.  Depth is what makes this pick an interesting one.  A team coulb move up needs more muscle which is one of the main complains of scouts, but there’s no denying the limitless range and overall balls that Young has.  He’s a big shot taker and a big player.

Orlando is the team that this futures bet hinges on.  We’ve seen lots of mock drafts place Trae Young on the Magic out of need for a point guard, but it is likely that Mo Bamba and/or Michael Porter Junior will still be there and they are much better prospects.

If Trae slips past #6, it is very unlikely he goes #7 to the Bulls who already have Zach Lavine.  We actually like Young falling to the Clippers at #12 if they don’t trade up.

Trae Young 8th or worse +100 is the play.

Free NBA Draft Pick #2

Will Grayson Allen be a 1st Round Pick: Yes -150

Grayson Allen should be a first round pick.

This is a heavy favorite and it should be.  Grayson Allen, while an absolute dick of a player, is a productive scorer and defender who is more polished than many players in this draft because of his age.  For that reason he is less of a development project and will almost certainly go to one of the competing teams at the end of the 1st round for instant bench help.

Allen crushed the combine showing a surprising amount of athleticism.  He posted 32.5 in the standing vert and a 40.5 inch max vertical.  He also had a 10.31 second lane agility time that ranked first among all players in the draft.  He also had the second-best shuttle run time of anyone in the draft at 3.4 seconds.

While defense and maturity are questioned, it’s important to remember that Coach Krzyzewki (still my least favorite name ever to spell) put up with this guy for 4 years.  He must do something right on the offensive and defensive ends.  That guys not a bad coach.

We like Grayson to be a first round pick.  It just makes sense.  If he falls to the second, someone is getting a monster of a steal.  The Celtics and 76ers seem very reasonable destinations and have likely scouted a lot of Duke games due to franchise location.

Take Grayson Allen as a first round pick and lay the -150.  This looks good value.

Enjoy the NBA draft and make sure you check back frequently with BetOnline.ag for updates.  It is expected that as more chatter around the draft fills the rumor mill, Betonline will increase their offerings for draft futures.  The closer we get, the more there is to bet on.

Don’t feel like betting with Betonline?  We’ve got a list of all the top US approved sportsbook here!

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