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Los Angeles Angels (Richards) -166 vs. Kansas City Royals (Junis)

We killed it on Friday the 13th - we told you not to be scared!  Hope you’ve been joining in on some of these bets recently, we’ve had a nice run of success.  Today, in honor of the NBA playoffs starting - check out our Western Conference preview here - and with multiple rain-outs in the MLB, we’re going with one pick today - one we feel very confident about.

Today, one of our favorites all year - the Angels - are facing a team that we’ve been very down on - the Royals.  After taking a look at the pitching matchups, it’s clear that this will be our free pick of the day.

Garrett Richards is off to a bit of a slow start, which might be expected from a guy coming back from multiple arm/shoulder injuries.  He’s only managed to get through 15 innings total in his first 3 starts of the year, posting a decent 4.20 ERA.  Some pitchers would consider that a good start, but Richards is capable of much more. His strikeout stuff is there - he’s struck out 19 batters in those 15 innings - so Richards should be able to use those Ks to lower his ERAs down into the mid 3s.   He and the Angels coaching staff should also be more confident to let him go longer into games the longer he stays healthy. We’re hoping to see that start today.

Jake Junis is slightly better than replacement-level, but this season has been going much better than that for him - he’s allowed zero earned runs through his first two starts, managing to go 2-0 with 14 innings pitched.  We expect the Angels to put some crooked numbers in the ERA total starting today. As opposed to Richards, Junis doesn’t have the same swing-and-miss potential, and he projects to give up a high number of homers this season.  The Angels won’t have all-purpose star Shohei Ohtani in the lineup today, as he starts in tomorrow’s game, but we’re still confident that the rest of the Halos offense (see: Mike Trout) will have a productive day at the plate against Junis.

The line is a little steep for a road game, but that’s because this is about as large a mismatch as they come.  With our recent success, the success of the Angels and the downward trajectory for the Royals, we feel great about our chances of bagging a win today with Angels -166 at Kansas City.

Bet the Angels -166

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Let’s get a win!

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