World Cup Free Pick – Quarterfinal – Brazil vs. Belgium

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World Cup Free Picks

Neymar diving...where he's spent 14 minutes this World Cup.

The second quarterfinal contest of Friday’s World Cup action features two of the strongest teams remaining in the tournament’s final eight.  Belgium vs. Brazil promises to have absolutely everything for the neutral fan.  Attacking play will be non-stop and end to end in this one.

The class of Brazil and Belgium is undeniable.  These teams have been setting Russia on fire all tournament long.  Only one can advance as one has to flame out here despite riding undeniable highs into this contest.

The Belgians just overcame a 2-goal deficit to beat Japan at the stroke of full time.  Brazil broke through late in a back and forth game with Mexico where they peppered the Mexican’s with shots.  Guillermo Ochoa played out of his head in net, but the Brazilians finally broke through with the brilliant play of world superstar winger Neymar.

We think we've got a great chance in this one and the other contest on the day which is why we're releasing these picks.  If you're looking for our Uruguay vs. France game preview, you can find it here.

We will be rolling out free picks for every remaining game in World Cup play.  Our World Cup free picks are 4-1 in our last 5 and have largely been underdog picks.  It’s all statistical, and the income has really stacked up for our readers (and our writers) as baseball continues to tear at a near 60% win rate on daily bets.

It shouldn’t surprise you.  It certainly doesn’t surprise us.  While there are many like us in content, there aren’t many like us in terms of performance.  LazyBets is the leader in providing free picks that actually win.  Anyone can pick a game, but at the end of 90 minutes most readers find that free picks do not win.

While we can’t win every time, but we feel there’s an edge in the Brazil Belgium game that you should know about.  It’s not being looked at very hard and you should be taking it.  It’s damn near a sure thing.  Let's "dive" (Neymar) right in.

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World Cup Quarterfinals - Knock-Out Stage

Brazil vs Belgium

3-Way Line:

Brazil: +111

Belgium: +264

Draw: +237

Goal Total: Over 2.5 (+100)

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Belgium vs. Brazil

Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku.

Brazil and Belgium are set to put on an entertaining contest in Russia as the quarterfinals kick off.  Brazil come into this one favored slightly with a win in regulation paying $1.11 on a $1 bet.  Belgium are considered an underdog to win in regulation with $2.64 to a $1 bet coming in at longer odds than a draw in regulation which pays at $2.37.

In terms of matchup, this one really feels like it could go either way on paper.  While Brazil has been good all tournament, they certainly haven’t been the dominant force that is often expected of them in these type of events.  With just 2 and 1 goal wins, they’ve been within reach of many teams in this tournament, including the Mexicans.  "El Tri" couldn’t break through in the end, but they still gave a tremendous contest before falling short.

A performance like Mexico's is not expected in this game.  This makes it a completely different contest.  It’s important to note that a team like Mexico's came into their game with Brazil playing somewhat defensive.  Even with that noted, two goals were still scored.  You might see where we’re going.

Belgium are no slouch in terms of offensive power.  Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Kevin DeBruyne, and the rest of Belgium’s attack pose a formidable threat to anyone in the tournament, even Brazil.  All three play staring roles in the premiership.  They’re used to big games.  That’s might have been why they fell behind to an inferior Japan team.  They were busy thinking about the Brazilians and luckily for them, they still made it through to face them.

Brazil Belgium Free Pick

Total Goals Scored: Over 2.5 (+100)

We don’t pretend to know who’s going to win this game.  These teams are incredibly equal which make a full game scoreline difficult to predict.

We do know is that the equality in this game is going to make this match-up one with great pacing.  The pace doesn’t necessarily give us any insights on who might come out on top, it does give us an idea of what the score line might be.

To the naked eye, 2.5 goals is a low total for this game.  The math backs that statement.  In 4 games, Brazil and Belgium have averaged a staggering total of 4.75 goals per game when you aggregate their results.

Belgium, on their own, average a total of three goals per game.  Brazil average a much lower total with just under 2.  That’s largely because they’ve seen nothing but 11 behind the ball all tournament due to their reputation.  Belgium aren’t expected to muck the game like that and therefore you would expect a higher total from Brazil (who won’t sit back due to their culture).

Sometimes stats dictate such a sure win that you must double check everything before wagering.  Unfortunately or fortunately (we don't know yet) this game is pegged into that category we hate...trap bet.

Don’t forget to check out our daily free MLB picks.  If you need a legal place to bet sports, click here.

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