World Cup Free Pick – Quarterfinal – France vs. Uruguay

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World Cup Free Picks

Greizman does a Fortnite dance...yeah, we're being serious...

The World Cup continuves this Friday after a brief hiatus.  It was just a few days but are thankful to have the World Cup back.  We truly lost one of our income sources without it around.  Free picks have been untouchable on the site, and we’re fire betting just about everything at Lazybets.  That has us excited for what’s to come.

The World Cup has always been a big money maker for sharp bettors who know what they’re looking at.  The event gets huge volume which often means the lines are bet all over the place.  The deposit bonus and welcome bonus options for fresh players only make it that much more of a value situation for bettors.

Sportsbooks like MyBookie have been filling our pockets because of some of their beatable lines.  They’re one of our newer sportsbook options and we’ve been very impressed with the quality of their mobile betting technology.  We just made a cryptocurrency withdraw there after reaping the benefits of a 50% deposit bonus the we quickly rolled over.  The end results were another 5-digit payout in less than 2 days.  That’s some decent work right there.

We hope that you’ve believed in us so far.  If you’ve been savvy enough to tail us, you’ve won some serious money in 2018.  Our winning ways look to stay alive as the tournament continues and gets more and more intense.

With the way the World Cup in Russia has played out so far, the quarterfinals promise to be another tasty chapter in the tournament story.  It’s been the most entertaining competition I can remember.  While just 29, this draw seems full of story-lines that haven’t been present in years past.

Discussion of ball models and Vuvuzelas notably aren’t dominating the media this year.  Instead our off-field attention has been stolen by VAR, own goals, and upsets.  The attention is right where it should be, and the game is in a very healthy place.

Spain, Colombia, and Germany have already made their way to the exits and that has left the door open for others.  France, England, Brazil, Uruguay, and Croatia have good chances to take home the silverware.  Even the host nation of Russia has a chance at doing the unthinkable and winning the title.

When Friday’s action arrives, one of the must-see games will be France against Uruguay.   Let’s dive right into these like Neymar and see if we can't come out with a win.

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Knockout Stage – World Cup Quarterfinal

France vs. Uruguay

3 Way Line:

France: +100

Uruguay: +352

Draw: +237

Goal Total: Under 2 (-105)

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Top 10 Sportsbook Options for the World Cup

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★★★★★Bovada50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes50% on 520
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Bet France +100

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France vs. Uruguay Free Pick


The World Cup and Uruguay have a steady relationship and a long history together.  Like many relationships though, the Uruguayans tend to really enjoy themselves in the beginning only to completely flame out in must see fashion when it matters.  History is going to repeat itself.  It always does.

Uruguay has a consistent and predictable record of progressing deeper than most in the World’s biggest soccer tournament.  While it’s been a while since the South American country won it all, they will be relishing their chances in the 2018 draw and hoping to shake two consecutive instances where they have not lived up to expectations.

The Uruguayans are back in the quarterfinals for the second time in 12 years, and if there was a word to describe the club, it would be “dramatic.”

2010 saw the Uruguayans beat Ghana in penalties in the quarterfinals.  A dramatic late handball in stoppage time saved a goal and saw Luis Suarez off.  A young Muslera saved the day with a penalty and Diego Forlan went on to lead his team to victory in the shootout.  With Suarez missing from the Semifinals, Uruguay later lost to Germany.

2014 saw Suarez at the center of controversy again.  The Uruguayan decided to show off “cannibal” instinct and bite (yes, BITE) world class defender Roberto Chielini of Italy.  Seeing red again, the talented striker cost his team as they bounced out earlier than wanted.

Suarez has seen two straight red cards in eight years at the World Cup.  They all come right around this game.  They all need to be accounted for by the betting public and it should impact the betting consensus.

When something sizable is on the line, Suarez’s mental lapses are one of the main reasons that Uruguay typically stumbles.  With a two for two record, Suarez is effective at getting himself sent off and leaving his team shorthanded at the World Cup.   That’s the scariest part of this game.

It’s not all on Suarez’s shoulders usually, but it might be in this fixture.  Edinson Cavanni scored 2 against Senegal but his production came at a hefty cost.  He suffered a calf injury after the second goal that could be devastating.

If Cavanni can’t go against France, it will be very difficult for the Uruguayans to attack with the potency they need to unset France.   Uruguay do have quality backups available, but in a game as big as this one, Cavanni’s status is a big factory that parallels the James Rodriguez injury for a now eliminated Colombia.  They have the same level of important to their teams.

From the France perspective, we cannot understand why people are still sleeping on the likes of Greizmann, Kylian Mbappe, and the rest of France’s loaded lineup.

My girlfriend calls the winger Mmm-bop (yes, the Hansen song) and it’s adorable.  When you dig into the parallels, the nickname works well.  That stupid song always runs on loop in my head when I think about it and it’s undeniable.  I cannot stop it. Mbappe similarly runs by defenders on loop. He also is undeniable and you cannot stop him.

Mbappe has officially announced his presence on the world stage with the same gusto that Hansen would announce a reunion tour.  People will argue, but I believe he is one of the top four wingers in the world.  His two goals and a penalty drawn against Argentina really put it all into perspective.  He’s in a class with Messi, Salah, and Ronaldo, and he’s in it RIGHT NOW.  Mbappe is farther in the tournament this year than all three.  It’s ridiculous when you think about how old he is in comparison.

When you give MBappe a world class striker, a world class midfield, a world class keeper, and a world class bench, you get the recipe for a world title.  No one else has a chance in this tournament.

France Uruguay Pick

France: +100

France and Uruguay is an intriguing fixture and it’s must watch TV for any fan.  It’s also worth betting this a few days early as it’s moving quite erratically to the more expensive end.

Oddsmakers are giving the Uruguayans a lot of credit here early and it feels unwarranted.  The South American teams have been very competitive in this tournament.  That is likely the reason for the low juice on this one.  The teams come in at a virtual coinflip on regulation time.

While South America is strong, this line offers an advantage to our readers.  Uruguay is starting to deal with injury and is a lot less deep than some of the other teams in the fiend.  They are exposed, and they also have a historical position as a choke artist.

France is hitting stride right when they should.  They are mentally tough after a mental 3-2 win over Argentina.  That win will do wonders.

Expect France to come out on all cylinders.  We like France to win +100 as well as France +800 to win it all.  All because of MMMBop.

I guess that means, Do-op-ba-ba-dooooooooo-op Uruguay!

Good luck today!  Don’t forget to check out our free baseball picks and top sportsbook options!

Bet France +100

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