World Cup Free Picks and Parlays – 6/21/18

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World Cup Free Picks

Lionel Messi needs to bounce back after a disappointing leg 1.

Our World Cup free picks and parlays are coming out late today.  We nailed the Portugal Morocco game in yesteray’s free picks and parlays as Portugal led after 30 minutes to pay a cool $2.20 on the $1 for our readers.  We also nailed Portugal as the overall winner -156.  Bingo.  We needed a strong day of free picks and we got one with a book crusher.

Today’s game is just as exciting, our picks are just coming out late.  We apologize for this.  Normally our picks come out the night before a match, but like Mo Salah at the UCL Finals, my shoulder is giving me real issues.  It’s making it hard to type.  A long drive took out my abilities last night much like Sergio Ramos.  Much like Salah, we bounced back a little late, but will make a good showing today by showing up with a positive tally.  Let’s dive right in to our only game of the day in Argentina Croatia.  Much like our Portugal vs. Morocco picks, we really like this one and are in big on it in terms of our own unit contribution.

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Group D - Game 2

Argentina vs. Croatia

Lines we Care About:

Alternate Spread: Argentia -1/2 goal (+104)

Argentina to Score a Penalty: Yes +450

Top 10 Sportsbook Options for the World Cup

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★★★★SkybookComing Soon!175% on $1500

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★★★★★Bovada50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes50% on 520
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★★★★★Intertops50% on $200
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★★★★Skybook175% on $1500

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Argentina Croatia Free Pick

Argentina will need another big game from Sergio Aguero.

This is a story of overreactions in Las Vegas.  The Croatians are a very good team with good talent in the midfield.  They’re off to their best start to the World Cup in 20 years after their leg one victory.

The midfield completely overwhelmed a Nigeran team that was running John Obi Mikel (seriously, the ancient man from Chelsea) as its starting holding midfielder.  They got fleeced, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone who really analyzed it.  I’m sorry to say we missed it and strongly overestimated a Nigerian attack that was misplayed in the first place.  For Iheanacho not to start in the first contest was unacceptable and it cost the Nigerian’s dearly.

To put it simply, we think the Nigerian loss against the Croatians is being overanalyzed in Vegas going into this one.  On the other side, the Argentinian’s are facing a similar overreaction to what was a was lackluster performance in their game against Iceland.

Sometimes special teams do special things, and Iceland has been soo impressive in what they’ve accomplished internationally in the last 4 years.  They drew Eurocup champion Portugal in game 1 of group stage 3.  Sound familiar?  They later went on to beat England in the knockout Round of 16 and fell to France in the Quarter Final.  Impressive.

The point is that Iceland is a good squad.  They stayed composed.  In the end, they were fortunate to draw against the Argentinians.  That’s the sheer truth.   Argentina finished with 27 total attempts on goal to Iceland’s 8.  They also had a penalty attempt missed.

The Argentinians will need to rebound here and this is likely Messi’s last attempt at a cup.  For all the criticism Messi takes, we feel it may be time for the Argentinian to break through along with Sergio Aguero.  We hope you bet on our Golden Ball winners.  They’re really trucking right now with all of them tallying the score sheet.

Argentina Croatia Pick

Alternate Spread: Argentia -1/2 goal (+104)

Argentina to Score a Penalty: Yes +450

The Argentinians should beat the Croatians here.  They’re classier top to bottom and need this win more than the Croatians do.  It’s crucial to their campaign.  While Croatia also need points here, there’s no doubt that they feel a bit more comfortable coming into this game because of the win over the Nigerians.  That plays to the Argentinian’s an our advantage.

Lay the -1/2 goals on the line with Argentina at +104 at Betonline.  That’s a good deal.  Use the code BOL1000 to get your 50% deposit bonus on up to $1000.  You could be betting this game for free.

In addition to Argentina winning this, we think there is extreme value in Argentina to score a penalty +450.  Consider taking that one.  VAR makes penalties super common.  It’s one of the things that really stinks about replay in world football.  We’re glad they shot it down in the Premier League.  That being said, use it to your advantage here.

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