World Cup Free Picks and Parlays – Final – Croatia vs. France

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Top 10 Sportsbook Options for the World Cup

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Gambling SitesSportsbook ReviewWelcome Bonus
★★★★★BetOnlineBetOnline Review50% on $1000
★★★★★BovadaBovada Review50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes5Dimes Review50% on 520
★★★★★MyBookie*MyBookie Review50% on $1000
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Top 10 Sportsbook Options for the World Cup

*= Sportsbook Referenced in Article

Gambling SitesWelcome Bonus
★★★★★BetOnline50% on $1000
★★★★★Bovada50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes50% on 520
★★★★★MyBookie*50% on $1000
★★★★★Intertops50% on $200
★★★★XBet100% on $300
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World Cup Free Picks

It’s finally here!  After a full month and a half of free picks and parlays, we’ve reached the conclusion of the biggest tournament in world football.  Our final world cup pick looks to take advantage of a France team we’ve been riding since day one as they take on an inferior Croatian roster.

England and Croatia didn’t really go as we had planned in our last round of free picks, but we remain bullish on our outlook going into the final.  While England France was the tournament final everyone seemed to be hoping for, Croatia vs. France presents a far more lucrative setup for World Cup bettors.  Our record over the last 10 free picks remains a steady 8-1-1 as LazyBets continues to be one of the top pick websites in the world.

In addition to this being the final free pick of the 2018 World Cup, it’s important to note that many of the top sportsbook bonuses will expire after today’s action.  Cloudbet, BetOnline, and MyBookie will be concluding lucrative 50-100% deposit bonuses for new players.  If you have deposit plans in the next month or so, make them today or wait until NFL season for top value on your hard-earned dollars.

The long, cold, off-season begins after this my friends.  Let’s dive in and get one more free pick correct before we watch nothing but baseball and crappy football backups the next two months.

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World Cup Final

France vs. Croatia

Time: Sunday, 11:00 AM EST

TV: FuboTV Schedule


France: -111

Croatia: +371

Draw: +226

Goal Total: Under 2 (-125)

Bet France -111

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France vs. Croatia Free Pick

Mbappe should score again.

It’s no secret how we feel about France.  We dedicated an article to M-bop and Hansen earlier this tournament in honor of Kylian Mbappe, the 19-year-old superstar setting the world on fire.

If you’ve been reading LazyBets free picks during this year’s tournament, you know that we’ve picked France successfully multiple times.  Our picks have been based on our assumption that France is the best team in the tournament.  Our wins now include a parlay winning bet with Greizmann to score and France to win against Argentina in addition to other outright wins.  The payout there was nearly 5 to 1 and netting quite the score for our readers.

In addition to our single game picks, we also used our opinion to take advantage of a messed-up futures line at MyBookie.  France to win the tournament went off at 8 to 1 odds at the beginning of the knockout stage.  To begin the competition France was a 3.25 to 1 odds favorite.  While Brazil were in

the French sector and surely increased the odds, the Brazilians never made it.  Croatia, comparatively, came in around 16 to 1 and had a relatively easy road to this final.

The statistical facets these lines provide are important. The line action gives a sense of heartbeat when it comes to the sportsbook and their opinion of winners.  Croatia had no chance to win this tournament.  In our opinion, they still don’t.  The only way we can even see Croatia having a chance is if they’re able to defend a full 120 minutes.

France does have a chance to win this tournament and so did Brazil.  When Brazil, England, and Belgium all went out, France became a virtual lock to win it all.  We’re seeing evidence of that in the -111 line being offered by our friends at MyBookie.

France vs. Croatia Free Pick

France: -111

The French should win this in regulation and it seems quite obvious that that will happen.  The French have still only given up 1 goal in this tournament outside of their contest with Argentina.  That game required a 4-3 score line was necessary to advance but was an outlier compared to other France fixtures.  That stat tells you everything you need to know about this game.

While Croatia have only given up 5 goals all tournament themselves, they haven’t faced an attack as potent as the one France brings to the table.  While the Croatians will be digging in their heals and playing for penalties, the pace of the France attack will be too much to bare.  Mbappe and Dembele have had no issue penetrating on the wing.  If that fails, lofted in balls to Olivier Giroud to break an 11 man behind the ball strategy seem like a good backfall.

The point is, the French score.  When they do, Croatia is cooked.   That makes a France win in regulation the favorite for us.  We’ll grab France -111 at MyBookie as our final bet on the World Cup.  We better make it count.  We don’t get another one for 4 years.

If you’re looking for more action, don’t forget to check out our Free MLB Picks and Parlays.  With the last day of the World Cup, you may also want to check out our Sportsbook bonus page.

Enjoy the games everyone!  Good luck today!

Bet France -111

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