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The LazyBets staff provides free picks and parlays every single day in an effort to provide value to our loyal readers.  We try to stay up to date with this page, but there are only two of us and so many hours in the day.  Take a look below.  If you're looking for some random archived day of picks, it's probably listed below.  Hopefully it was a winner -  a lot of our picks are!

Most Popular Sportsbook Options - LazyBets Writers

Since you're looking at our free picks section, we thought you might like to know where we make our bets currently.  While LazyBets is headquartered in Nevada, the co-owners of this entity play global roles in larger endeavors while traveling for much of the year.

Maintaining US residency while gambling hasn't been easy over the years, but after sifting through the good and bad of the sportsbook world, these offshore bookmakers have ended up being our consistent favorites.  We have a best practice as offshore gamblers.  We like to keep active accounts with multiple sportsbooks at a time. The reasons for this are:

  • To diversify the holders of our bankroll in an effort to protect ourselves. We limit risk by trusting many with small over few with a lot.  Even though these books have a tremendous track record, you never know when one can go under - it has happened.
  • To diversify our betting options.  Different books have different lines.
  • To increase our shot at getting a good live betting situation.
  • To collect the bonuses!   Taking advantage of all of the generous welcome bonuses can be a huge help when starting out in the sports gambling world.

The only qualm we really have had with any sportsbook on this list is Bovada.  After winning big on the site for a lengthy period of time, one of LazyBets' co-owners had the betting limits cut drastically on his account.  Not cool, Bovada.  Anyway...you know we've made some big bets and cashed some big checks in our lifetime if that type of thing is happening.

Below are the guys who haven't done us wrong and will keep your money safe.  Oh, and have fun with the deposit bonuses.  We remember our first welcome bonuses, and boy...we're jealous if that option is still available to you!

Top 10 Sportsbook Options

Gambling SitesSportsbook ReviewWelcome Bonus
★★★★★BetOnlineBetOnline Review50% on $1000
★★★★★BovadaBovada Review50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes5Dimes Review50% on 520
★★★★MyBookieMyBookie Review50% on $1000
★★★★SportsbettingComing Soon!50% on $1000
★★★★XBetComing Soon!100% on $300
★★★★TopBetComing Soon!100% on $1000
★★★★GTBetsComing Soon!100% on $500
★★★★IntertopsComing Soon!50% on $250
★★★★SkybookComing Soon!175% on $1500

Gambling SitesWelcome Bonus
★★★★★BetOnline50% on $1000
★★★★★Bovada50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes50% on 520
★★★★MyBookie50% on $1000
★★★★Sportsbetting50% on $1000
★★★★XBet100% on $300
★★★★TopBet100% on $1000
★★★★GTBets100% on $500
★★★★Intertops50% on $250
★★★★Skybook175% on $1500

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