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E-League Invitational – 6/15/18

Group C kicks off in the Street Fighter V invitational tonight in Atlanta, Georgia.  If you need something other than the World Cup to watch, we begin our Esports Coverage with one of our original favorites.  If you’re not familiar with Esports, the ELeague is one of the fastest growing entities in digital gaming.  Street Fighter 5 produces some of the most technical strategists in gaming.  Group Play can be seen on Twitch starting at 3:00 PM EST and later on tape dealy at 11PM EST on TBS.

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ELeague - Group C - Match 1

JWong vs NuckleDu

Time: Friday 6/15/18 @ 3:00 PM EST on


Justin Wong: +125

NuckleDu: -170

Bet JWong +125

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Esports Free Pick

Many deemed Falke "useless." JWong proved that wrong this month.

Justin Wong aka JWong has taken home a total of $95,990 in tournaments according to Esports Earnings.  The Chinese American has won more Evolution Series Championships than any other player and has 8 titles to his name in fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom.  He is no stranger to titles in Street Fighter V as he has won several in this series at various locations.  Justin Wong just recently took home the Canada Cup Master Series Tournament in Calgary using Falke, the newest and allegedly weakest character in Street Fighter.

Falke has striking visuals but was not well received by the SFV community upon release.  A bunch of tacticians who have won Evo championships were claiming that the character had “zero potential” strategically and was “the worst character in the game.”  It’s incredible what JWong has been able to do with what others have considered trash.  He’s a monster.

JWong takes on another imposing Esports figure in NuckleDu.  This is a familiar matchup as these two have faced each other several times since 2015 on the top circuit.

NuckleDu is an elite player who typically uses Rainbow Mika but has recently been seen using Guile in Street Fighter V.  NuckleDu had a disappointing tournament against Toi at DreamHack Austin where he was sent home early.  There’s video of him getting his butt kicked here.

NuckleDu won the Capcom Cup 2016 championship, but his past year or so is full of controversy.  He famously pulled out of the 2017 Capcom cup just a week and a half before the event drawing criticism and questions from across the Esports world.  His contract with Team Liquid expired in January and the Esports athlete has been a free agent ever since.  We’re all still waiting to see where he signs.  Along with LeBron James, he’s one of the hottest free agent names available in any sport.

You have to wonder about distractions.  There is no doubting that NuckleDu is one of the strongest players ever to play Street Fighter V, but the past few months and even year have been nothing but rocky for the player.  His bounce out early in Austin leaves a lot of question marks coming into this event and leaves him exposed.

JWong is an Esports fan favorite in the fighting discipline.

JWong, on the other hand, is playing the strongest Street Fighter V of his 2018 and is doing so with obscure characters.  There’s an aura of confidence to JWong going into this.  He’s no slouch when it comes to fighting championships and big matches in tournaments like these.  He’s also in a much different and more solidified place mentally.

NuckleDu is an overwhelming favorite in this one.  He is -170 to win and Justin Wong comes in as a pretty big underdog at +125 at Bovada.

Street Fighter V Pick

JWong (Justin Wong): +125

We like the value of JWong today at Bovada.  If you’re an Esports bettor, you will certainly want to look at JWong (Justin Wong) +125.

Don’t forget to check out our Free Baseball and World Cup picks and parlays!  Enjoy the weekend!

Bet JWong (Justin Wong) +125

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