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Here at LazyBets, we specialize in Sports picks and parlays and they are our forte.  While we write sports betting preview articles, we know a thing or two about fantasy sports as well.  We’ve been playing fantasy football since it was available on this site called SandBox in middle school.  Fangraphs did an amazing piece on the entity that has since expired with the availability of free fantasy football sites.  Even then as middle schoolers, we knew the value of a good fantasy football cheat sheet and being able to secure value with later round picks.  It won leagues for us as teens and still does now.

As we’ve grown older, the advances of daily fantasy sports have been incredibly rapid.  They offer a much more intense game for users looking for that quick rush.  It’s such a different feel than the legacy fantasy football referenced in this article.  Initially marketed as the remedy for a lost season, daily fantasy sports highlight the importance of getting it right on draft day.  1/3 of the equation for a successful season is luck.  Another 33.3% is vigilance on the waiver wire.  The third and final third of the pie is vigilance and research before and on draft night.

LazyBets has accrued a list some of the very best NFL fantasy Cheat Sheets from writers across the fantasy football space.  Our first top 10 highlights the most recently updated sheets as of August 21st.  Training camps are important, and these lists include the most up to date fantasy football player rankings as they’re happening now just weeks before the season.

With names like Bill Enright, Jamey Eisenberg, and Des Bieler, our first fantasy football cheat sheet list list has no shortage of big name media companies that you’ll recognize.  CBS Sports, The Washington Post, and Yahoo! Sports all have a massive presence in the Fantasy Football space and it’s clear when you research some of these cheat sheet options that they’re the most visible of the options on google.

Smaller media outlets produce lists too and they have their own advantages.  Rudy Gamble of Razzball created a 967 player count fantasy football rankings list this year.  He doubled the next highest.  While a bit behind the sheer amount of players reviewed and ranked by Razzball, Chet Gresham, Nick Marino, and Kyle Richardson all created large and relevant lists for their publications.  Roto Baller and WalterFootball are great options when looking for comprehensive lists this year.  They really come in handy with deeper player drafts that are required in some of the 16 team leagues you see out there.

We can’t believe that the NFL season is only 3 weeks away.  While these options are all fantastic, we’ve created a fantasy football cheat sheet of our own that can be downloaded here.  The more data you have during the season, the better.

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