FIFA World Cup 2018

Best Sportsbook to Bet the World Cup

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Gambling SitesWelcome Bonus
★★★★★BetOnline50% on $1000
★★★★★Bovada50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes50% on 520
★★★★MyBookie50% on $1000
★★★★CloudBet100% BTC Bonus
★★★★XBet100% on $300
★★★★TopBet100% on $1000
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World Cup TV Schedule

6/13/2018Russia vs. Saudi ArabiaGroup AFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVRussia -244
6/15/2018Egypt vs. UruguayGroup AFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVUruguay -161
6/15/2018Morocco vs. IranGroup BFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVMorocco +127
6/15/2018Portugal vs. SpainGroup BFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVSpain +108
6/16/2018France vs. AustraliaGroup CFS1, Telemundo6:00 AMBuy FuboTVFrance -435
6/16/2018Peru vs. DenmarkGroup CFS1, Telemundo12:00 PMBuy FuboTVDenmark +140
6/16/2018Argentina vs. IcelandGroup DFOX, Telemundo9:00 AMBuy FuboTVArgentina -303
6/16/2018Croatia vs. NigeriaGroup DFS1, Telemundo3:00 PMBuy FuboTVCroatia -139
6/17/2018Costa Rica vs. SerbiaGroup EFOX, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVSerbia -115
6/17/2018Brazil vs. SwitzerlandGroup EFS1, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVBrazil -256
6/17/2018Germany vs. MexicoGroup FFS1, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVGermany -204
6/19/2018Russia vs. EgyptGroup FFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/19/2018Belgium vs. PanamaGroup GFS1, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVBelgium -588
6/19/2018Tunisia vs. EnglandGroup GFS1, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVEngland -238
6/19/2018Colombia vs. JapanGroup HFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVColombia -147
6/19/2018Poland vs. SenegalGroup HFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVPoland +134
6/19/2018Sweden vs Korea RepublicGroup FFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVSweeded +104
6/20/2018Uruguay vs. Saudi ArabiaGroup AFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/20/2018Portugal vs. MoroccoGroup BFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/20/2018Iran vs. SpainGroup BFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/21/2018Denmark vs. AustraliaGroup CFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/21/2018France vs. PeruGroup CFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/21/2018Argentina vs. CroatiaGroup DFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/22/2018Nigeria vs. IcelandGroup DFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/22/2018Brazil vs. Costa RicaGroup EFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/22/2018Serbia vs. SwitzerlandGroup EFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/23/2018Korea Republic vs. MexicoGroup FFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/23/2018Germany vs. SwedenGroup FFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/23/2018Belgium vs. TunisiaGroup GFOX, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/24/2018England vs. PanamaGroup GFS1, Telemundo8:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/24/2018Japan vs. SenegalGroup HFOX, Telemundo11:00 AMBuy FuboTVUpcoming
6/24/2018Poland vs. ColombiaGroup HFOX, Telemundo2:00 PMBuy FuboTVUpcoming

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