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Whether you're looking for NCAAF picks, NBA picks and parlays, or weekly free NFL picks, LazyBets is your home for the best free picks and parlays on the internet.  It's best to stay here where we pick winners.  Forget where you've been before because you've found a new home for top analysis and accurate selections.

Don't go back to the same old crowd-sourced, impostor, .net labeled websites.   You will only be met with regrets and worthless tickets.  Many sites out there promise free picks that are accurate, but honestly, how can you find an edge when you're betting every single game?

You just can't.  Betting every game isn't sustainable.  We're honest about stuff like that, and that's where LazyBets is different from the rest of the pack.

At LazyBets, we take time to research our picks and in some cases even run algorithms to determine the best picks.  It's worked for us since we were in our teens, and we know it can work for you too.  With a lifetime of success in the book, our picks are here for you to examine each and every day.  Our winners, our losers, and our pushes are all showcased and archived for validity.

You wont find a better free service on the internet.  We're here for you and your success.  So dive right in.  Read an article or two.  We're glad you're here and we're ready to get back to winning.

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