NFL Futures – 2018/19 Odds to Win the NFC

The NFL futures market is red hot as the NFL season is fast approaching.  Training camp is finally set to open and soon we will be treated to high quality pre-season football.  It’s comical, but preseason football seems to always bring the relief we need here at LazyBets. While preseason football may not be the best of moneymakers, there is still a lot of value to be had in the NFL futures market.  With the NFC as close as ever, NFL futures bets can often provide a lucrative payout to a bit of foresight. Much like France to win the World Cup at 8 to 1, it’s possible to make a lot of money on the NFL futures markets, and one of the Sportsbooks that does futures wagering quite well is BetOnline.  

As teams begin to take their final shape and training camp battles work themselves out, it’s becoming more clear who the top dogs might be in the NFC according to odds makers. The NFL Futures market favors the defending champion Eagles to take out anyone who wants to end their reign.  In terms of odds to win the NFC in the 2018 NFL season, the defending champions top the list of NFL Futures along with the Vikings. But the NFC looks deeper than ever heading into the season. We take a look at what teams to watch in the NFC demonstrates, with odds to win the NFC from BetOnline.

Philadelphia Eagles

Odds to Win NFC: +550

Can Carson Wentz recover and regain top form?

Perhaps the scariest thing about the Philadelphia Eagles’ run to the Super Bowl last season was the fact that they got the job done despite a season-ending injury to starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Their defense stepped up in a big way during the NFC playoffs, with their offense catching fire in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl to bring the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia.

This season, Wentz returns to a team largely unchanged from last season’s title-winning squad. And at better than +500 odds to win the NFC, the Eagles don’t look like a bad bet from a value perspective.  They seem to be a great NFL futures bet considering that the defending AFC champion Patriots enter the year at +300 to get back to the Super Bowl.

While the Eagles are the favorite, they still have a lot of question marks surrounding the QB position.  Health is always very hit and miss. Wentz’s ability to bounce back from knee surgery is a huge question mark even if he is one of the toughest players at his position.

Bet the Eagles to Win the NFC

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Minnesota Vikings

Odds to Win NFC: +550

The Family Man: Can Cousins live up to the hype?

Minnesota looked the team of destiny after their dramatic, last-second win over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Divisional Playoffs. One disastrous game against the Eagles in the NFC title game saw it all come crashing down and the Vikings are back where they started.  This time though, the Vikings have a new toy. Minnesota let quarterback Case Keenum walk, then shocked the NFL world by paying Kirk Cousins even more money to be their starting quarterback. The risk will define the Vikings 2018-2019 season.

The Minnesota Vikings are built on defense, and spending on Cousins has transformed the Vikings into a more attractive pick to get to the Super Bowl, at least in the eyes of some bettors.

It’s important to note that Cousins still hasn’t proven that he is good enough to command one of the highest salaries in NFL history. With odds equal to Philadelphia’s as NFC co-favorites, it is hard to see why you would have more confidence in Cousins than you would have in the returning Wentz.

Bet the Vikings to Win the NFC

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Los Angeles Rams

Odds to Win NFC: +650

Can Todd Gurley lift the Niners above their competition in the NFC?

Last year felt like a perfect storm of awesome for the Los Angeles Rams. Head coach Sean McVay was new to the game as a head coach.  Much like a new pitcher to MLB batters, McVay was a huge unknown when it came to strategies. That surprise element helped the Rams to one of the most successful seasons in the NFL last year.  Jared Goff had an amazing sophomore season in the league answering many of his doubters.

Early in the year Todd Gurley was plagued with graphics about how abysmal his YPC was in the 2017 season.  By the end of the year, he was the first non-quarterback to make a legitimate case for the league’s MVP award in nearly a decade.

Given the unknown nature of first year coach Sean McVay, it is hard to justify taking such short odds on the Rams given all that needs to go right for them.  They have a new and formidable competitor in the division with the San Francisco 49ers very much up and coming. Their rivals to the north will enter the season with Jimmy Garoppolo as their full-time starting quarterback, with Garoppolo yet to lose a game as a starter in his career.

Case in point:  Not only will winning the NFC be difficult for the Rams, but so will winning the NFC West.  They might not be the best bet for a top NFC finish.

Bet the Rams to Win the NFC

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Green Bay Packers

Odds to Win NFC: +800

If Aaron Rodgers expects to win a Super Bowl, he'll have to have his best season to date.

The Green Bay Packers have been one of the worst wagers in football for some time due to their prevalent fandom.  The team is often peppered with volume making both in single-game bets and in NFL futures betting a chore when it comes to getting good odds. The Packers are led by one of the most talented quarterbacks of all-time in Aaron Rodgers. While the Pack’s cornerstone is in tact in Rodgers, everything else seems to be falling apart.  This lineup on paper is so inept that it is hard to imagine this team moving past the rest of the NFC’s elite. It’s even harder to imagine placing money on this team at only 8/1 odds.

Michael Crabtree replaces the aging Jordy Nelson and is a nice touch for Green Bay, but it wont fix a bulk of the problems.  The Packers still has huge questions facing the running game. Jamaal Williams or Aaron Jones may get the most carries for the team in 2018.  Ty Montgomery may resume his role as receiver-turned-starter in the backfield. Either way, the lack of balance in the Green Bay offense along with a shaky defense leaves this team lacking.

 The Packers do not inspire much confidence at this price.

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Atlanta Falcons

Odds to Win NFC: +1000

Matt Ryan will need a big year for the Falcons to win the NFC.

Last season was an enigmatic one for the Falcons. Matt Ryan came back to Earth after an MVP season.  His regression put pressure on a Falcons defense that had to spend more time on the field than in previous campaigns. This season, Matt Ryan is being paid more than anyone in the league and will be expected to perform accordingly.

Matt Ryan may or may not live up to his price tag.  Aside from one great year, Ryan has been just above league average throughout his career.  If that's what he gives the Falcons in 2018, we can expect them to miss the playoffs with good competition in their division.  

If 2016 Matt Ryan shows up, the Falcons have the leagues best player at the helm.  With that type of QB play, it's not hard to see the Falcons getting home field come playoff time.  That spells huge value, but it all hinges on the play of one player who statistically hit an anomaly.

We're staying far away from the Falcons here, even with the 10/1 payout offered at +1000.

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San Francisco 49ers

Odds to Win NFC: +1200

Singing a division rival has Niners fans hopeful for the future.

A strong, young defense, skill position players that can perform at a high level, and a young quarterback molded from Tom Brady make the Niners a very attractive pick to win the NFC and represent the conference in the Super Bowl.  The momentum is palpable in San Francisco and a Niners fan base that has been starved for a good team seems to finally have one on their hands. The Niners seem to be a new force that other teams in the NFC should be watching closely.

Richard Sherman should add leadership to a defense that is already really good, and that puts Jimmy G in a fantastic position to succeed, especially with the offense in such esteemed coaching hands.

Kyle Shanahan has coached this team through troubled waters.  The 2018 season offers an opportunity for the 49ers to overcome the troubling tenures of both Blaine Gabbert and CJ Beathard.  The team finally has a franchise quarterback to combine with Shanahan’s offensive mastermind. Carlos Hyde and Jerick McKinnon should provide tremendous additional run support for a team that looks to consistently put up points in 2018.

The Niners are an underdog at 12 to 1, but they are showing signs of being a very complete team with intentions of winning it all.  We like them here and will be leveraging BetOnline for our own futures pick.

Bet the 49ers to Win the NFC

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Best Bet to Win the NFC:

San Francisco 49ers +1200

This may seem like a bit of bandwagon jumping, but the Niners are doing so many things right that it seems like a good snag to get at 12/1 odds.

The Vikings and Rams are due for a regression this season, the Eagles have to run the NFC East gauntlet, and the Falcons and Packers just aren’t as good as they look on paper despite their star quarterbacks.

Right now in the NFL, quarterback play is so important, but it isn’t everything. Young and inexpensive talent around the quarterback is what wins championships in today’s NFL.  The Niners have that young talent all over the field, and should be able to ride it and the arm of Garoppolo to the NFC title.

Good luck this season!  Don't forget to check out our AFC futures pick.  Our sportsbook bonus list and daily free sports picks are fan favorites too.

Good luck out there!

Bet the 49ers to Win the NFC

The 49ers are +1200 at BetOnline and our best bet! Plus they give you a 50% Deposit Bonus

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