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NFL Rookie of the Year

Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds - MyBookie

Each NFL season, a new crop of offensive talent makes its way into the league. These first year players are looking to make immediate impacts with their new teams, with each franchise hoping that these players can change the team’s fortunes for the better. These new NFL offensive players have been difference makers throughout their college careers, and have a chance to continue to make an impact at the professional level.  The “best” offensive rookie takes home NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and one of our top online sportsbooks has taken a shot at offering wagers for the group.

One of the things that separates online sportsbooks from each other and Las Vegas is their available odds.  Offshore sportsbooks aren’t governed by the Nevada gaming commission, which means they can offer props on anything and everything without approval.  For the purposes of this article, that means OROY odds!

MyBookie has taken advantage of the Nevada Gaming commissions lag time.  While it isn’t our top rated online sportsbook, they are our #2 choice for USA friendly offshore betting and are a wonderful choice for those looking to wager regularly.  They’re even available on your mobile device.

Our top sportsbook choice BetOnline doesn’t offer OROY odds.  Neither does Las Vegas. This is another example of why leveraging two to three online sportsbook players is a good idea.

Let’s dive right in to the odds from MyBookie.  These Offensive Rookie of the Year contenders have been deemed the favorites to take home the OROY award this season.

Saquon Barkley - Giants

Running Back (Round 1, Pick #2)

Odds to Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: +140

Barkley looks to pick up the offense quickly and have an immediate impact.

Saquon Barkley is an undeniably talented running back for the New York Giants and he has the talent to be one of the league's best if he applies himself and is supported by the right personnel. Unfortunately he ended yesterday’s practice in a leg wrap, so his status is somewhat up in the air right now.  Let’s write this as if he were to start the regular season healthy.

Barkley enters the league by walking into a perfect situation to start immediately.  The Giants were something a dumpster fire last year and their lack of a consistent running game was a good portion of that problem. The other place where the Giants were a disaster was at the offensive line and that could be a bit of an issue for Barkley’s early career production.

The Giants brought in Nate Solder in an attempt to fix one of their offensive tackle spots.  They even drafted a guard early in the second round. But Solder is a pass blocking offensive lineman, and first round draft pick Will Hernandez hasn’t played a snap in the NFL after spending his college career with a less than notable UTEP team. The good qualities of the Giants offensive line from 2017 will need to be replaced.  Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg were considered two of the salvageable pieces of 2017’s offensive line mess. They chose to opt out of the Giant’s situation and enter free agency. Ereck Flowers remains to the chagrin of all Giants fans.

What this means for Barkley is that unless a pass blocker and a rookie can really open things up for him, it could be tough sledding for the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year award.  

Barkley to Win OROY +140?

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Baker Mayfield - Browns

Quarterback (Round 1, Pick #1)

Odds to Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: +650

Mayfield's odds lean heavily on when he sees the field.

Baker Mayfield was the number one overall pick in last year’s NFL Draft, which must be a big reason that he is near the top of the list of the shortest odds to win the Rookie of the Year award. Mayfield has been impressive in his preseason games for the Browns so far and many have claimed him to be the most impressive rookie QB of the class to date.

Despite the early success from Mayfield, the Browns have made very clear that they do not plan on starting their prized rookie quarterback to begin the 2018 season.  Tyrod Taylor was brought in to oversea the grooming process of Mayfield and the Browns future. He is the starting quarterback and is slated to be so weak 1. It’s a no pressure situation for the pressure filled position of quarterbacking the Browns franchise out of misery.

To scouts, Mayfield does have a lot of promise to him.  His ability to improvise and to move outside of the pocket and create throwing lanes has been compared to Johnny Manziel. Fortunately for Browns fans, though, his dedication to the game and his actual abilities have been compared to players much better than Manziel like Brett Favre.

Cleveland is doing the right thing with Mayfield here, at least statistically.  Sitting him out until they feel like he is ready to play, or at least until they are out of playoff contention, can give him some reps without ruining his confidence. Confidence is such an important aspect in a quarterbacks success.  All that said, Mayfield showed no lack of confidence in college and no lack of confidence in his early preseason starts.

A lot can happen in an NFL season.  Injury and performance can have a big impact on rosters.  Browns fans aren’t known to be the most patient bunch either.  If Taylor doesn’t perform up to par, you know that the dog pound will be touting signs and chanting for their future to be immediate.

At +650 to win the Rookie of the Year award, there are surely some better bets out there.  Many of these don’t rely so heavily on a variable date of hitting the field and are thus much better bets.

Mayfield to Win OROY +650?

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Josh Rosen - Cardinals

Cornerback (Round 1, Pick #10)

Odds to Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: +800

Josh Rosen has all of the tools to be a successful quarterback, he just may not be able to use them in 2018.

Josh Rosen was heavily criticized heading into the NFL draft.  A fun fact about Josh Rosen is that he’s the reason that Las Vegas didn’t offer NBA draft odds for the 2018 season.  The sportsbooks in Vegas took a massive loss when Rosen fell to 10 making the underdog the winner in a number of props.  Vegas had expected Rosen to go at #2 and most notably lost a devastating amount of money on the “drafted higher” vs. prop bet of  Barkley vs. Rosen.

One of the things that was cited for Rosen’s drop was his love for the game and other bs was cited by GM’s of various teams, including some weird conversation a Brown’s GM had in the airport.  Rosen might have been the best quarterback prospect drafted in 2018 and more importantly, he probably dropped to the best position for his own success. Unfortunately for him and his backers, Rosen is another player who probably won’t see the field in 2018.  If things go correctly for the Arizona Cardinals, Sam Bradford will QB the 2018 season for the Red Birds and then hand off to Rosen either late in the season or Week 1 of 2019.

Bradford is still a very accurate quarterback and was brought in to replace Carson Palmer this offseason.  The acquisition gives Rosen a veteran presence to learn from. Bradford’s veteran hand should be able to lead the team to respectability while Rosen gets his feet under him in an NFL offense.

The big concern for the Cardinals has to be Bradford’s injury history.  If Bradford breaks has he has in the past, it could put Rosen into action earlier than expected. If Rosen does have to play, getting a quarterback at 8-to-1 odds to win Rookie of the Year is a steal and it’s worth considering if you want to bet on Bradford’s lack of durability.

Rosen to Win OROY +850?

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Derrius Guice - Redskins

Running Back (Round 2, Pick #59)

Unfortunately at the time of the article, Guice was healthy.  He tore his ACL earlier this week and anyone who placed a wager on him lost.  He’s out for the season.

Odds to Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: +800 (off)

Guise wont play a factor in 2018 due to injury.

Tasked with replacing Leonard Fournette at LSU, Derrius Guice did a great job of keeping the Tigers’ tradition of playing fearsome running backs alive. This year, Guice is a first year member of the Washington Redskins, whose crowded backfield might make it difficult for him to break through for Rookie of the Year honors.

Washington already has Chris Thompson, Rob Kelley, and Samaje Perine, all of whom have seen action for the team and have been effective. The addition of Guice only adds to the running back depth on the team, but Guice will not be a featured back in a system that allows all backs to flourish. At least with Saquon Barkley, bettors know that they would be seeing their selection get the bulk of the carries without much doubt.

Rashaad Penny - Seahawks

Running Back (Round 1, Pick 27)

Odds to Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: +1200

The Seahawks have question marks heading into the 2018 season.  One of the glaring ones is around the running back position. Only a few of Seattle’s runners have time on the field with the Seahawks in their careers and that’s with good reason.  Russell Wilson became the first quarterback in 27 seasons to lead his team in rushing last year when he finished with 586 yards. What’s even worse is that that was 346 more yards that Seattle’s second leading rusher.  The stat well represents the running back situation that Rashard Penny is walking into and leaves a great opportunity for new blood and the former Aztec should be able to secure a starting spot.

Penny is expected to get the bulk of the action in Pete Carroll’s run heavy Seattle system.  CJ Prosise and JD McKissic are expected to fall into support roles for the Seahawks once camp concludes.  The talented rookie should get the chance to be the bell cow for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks made keeping offensive lineman a priority in the offseason when they invested in retaining both Duane Brown and Justin Britt.  The sustainability and the addition of right guard DJ Fluker should open up holes nicely for Penny. The new Seahawks new offensive lineman has a 6’5’’ 342 pound frame.

All of this adds up to production for Penny and good value on this pick.  If you’re not familiar with Penny’s work in college, it’s worth examining.  The Aztec star was a 4 year senior at SDSU and in his Senior Season he put up over 2200 yards on the ground for 23 touchdowns.  He placed fifth in the Heisman Trophy voting last year and was a semifinalist for virtually every college football offensive accolade that’s available to a running back.  This includes the 2017 Maxwell and Doak Walker Awards. Penny is no stranger to filling big shoes on day 1. His predecessor as the Aztec’s running back was Donnell Pumphrey who now plays for the defending champion Eagles.

At 12-to-1 odds, Penny is a better value than Barkley on a team that has a seemingly better offensive line situation.  That and Pete Carroll’s traditional run first mentality gives Penny a nice look heading into the 2018 season.

We think there a great chance that he wins the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Penny to Win DROY +1200?

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NFL Rookie of the Year Free Pick - Offense:

Rashaad Penny - Seahawks

Odds to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: +1200

The public will be betting Saquon Barkley heavily here because of where he was drafted and where he went to college, but Rashaad Penny could easily be a better pro.  He also goes to a team with a much better offense at the moment. There is a lot of value with Penny and 12 to 1 is salivating as a season long NFL futures betting opportunity.

We’ll take Rashaad Penny +1200 to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year with MyBookie.

Don’t forget to check out our NFL Rookie of the Year article for the defensive side of the ball.  Our SEC preview is up as well as football is just weeks away.

Good luck out there everyone!

Chubb to Win DROY +140?

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