Macau Casino Traveling – Flight Times

Macau is one of the premier destinations in the world for bettors making Macau casino traveling a bit of a bucket list item for many world bettors.  Even with its lavish reputation, Macau can be quite the trip depending on where you are coming from. Find out here where Macau is located as well as how far away it is from major cities in the United States and United Kingdom in this article.  We include many of the top world destinations and how long it will take for you to get there!

Where Is Macau?

Macau is located in Southeast Asia.  It is located within the country of China. Macau also spans 50 miles into Hong Kong.  The money that comes from Hong Kong and Chinese Renminbi is the main currency of Macau casinos. Located within great proximity to many powerful nations, Macau is more than comparable to each, especially when it comes to lavish wealth.  With great tourist attractions in the form of their casinos and hotels, it is no surprise that people flock to Macau with regularity.

London to Macau

Generally speaking, most if not all flights from London to Macau will feature at least one stop. This has an impact on the amount of time it takes to get to Macau from the UK. A flight from London to Macau will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 16-18 hours depending on the length of any stops that need to be made on the way.

Manchester to Macau

The home of two of the best football clubs in the world, Manchester United and Manchester City, Manchester is also a location from which you can fly to Macau. Similarly to London, there is no way around the fact that it will be a long flight from Manchester to Macau. An estimated 15 hours will be what separates Mancunians from Macau.

New York to Macau

From one of the most extravagant cities on Earth to another, traveling from New York to Macau is an exercise in going from one decadent location to the next. This is one of the longest flights possible on planet Earth.  New York and Macau are so far opposite one another on the globe.  New York is also located in the northern hemisphere.  Macau is well south of it.

Getting from New York to Macau will take you somewhere around 20 hours.  Any required stops and layovers should be factored in on top of that number. This is a very long flight.  For many it is still worth it.  Macau is such an exciting destination given all the entertainment options available there.  It is possible that Macau is one of the few cities that deserves the title of “City That Never Sleeps” nearly as much as New York.

Miami to Macau

Miami is in a similar position to New York in terms of how far west it is relative to Macau.  Despite being further south than New York, going from Miami to Macau requires a longer trip. The shortest flight from Miami to Macau, even with stops included, is around 29 hours. With fewer flight options than New York and its several airports, it might not be a surprise that there aren't shorter flights to get to Macau.  For Miami flyers looking to get to Macau, they had better bring some extensive reading materials and battery packs in their carry-on luggage.

Atlanta to Macau

As you work your way west through the United States, you find that the flight durations to Macau start to get shorter.  This is great news for those who want to get to Macau in a more timely fashion.  Living in the western areas has advantages.  Atlanta may not seem that west, but it is located far closer to the center of the United States than New York and Miami.  This makes it a shorter flight.  To go from Atlanta to Macau would take around 20 hours.

Dallas to Macau

Dallas features one of the largest airports in the United States.  A popular destination for international flyers, getting to Macau is easier out of Dallas, Seattle, and LAX than virtually anywhere else in the United States.  A flight from Dallas to Macau is about 19 hours.  It’s worth it.  There’s nothing quite as lavish as Macau in Texas.

Las Vegas to Macau

Las Vegas is one of the gambling capitals of the world.  To go from one capital to the other is something that is required quite often for the professionals in the gaming space. Taking a flight from Las Vegas to Macau may feel like you are taking a round trip to the same city, but the two also have their own unique elements that make both worth visiting.  Flying from Las Vegas to Macau would take around 19 hours.  It’s the ultimate way to take a complete tour of two of the greatest cities in the world for wagering (or you could just work for MGM or Caesars as an international man of business).

Seattle to Macau

Seattle is another sizable international airport.  The growth of Amazon and the tech community there has created an abundance of international flights.  This makes getting to Macau easier due to frequency of flights inbound and outbound.  Seattle also gets a boost by being so far north.  It saves good time compared to many of the other locations in the USA.  A flight from Seattle to Macau is something like 16 hours which ends up being great value.

Los Angeles to Macau

Traveling from the City of Angels to the Las Vegas of Asia is a popular route.  This is the most popular way to get to Macau for US citizens.  A flight from Los Angeles to Macau would be an 18 hours.  Surprisingly that’s longer than a flight from Seattle despite the fact that Los Angeles is closer geographically to Macau by quite some distance.  The time discrepancy has a lot to do with the available layovers that exist on the way to Macau at other major airports on the way.

Final Thoughts on Traveling to Macau

There are a lot of reasons to travel to Macau, but it really shouldn’t be done unless you’re crossing a bucket list item off of your list or you’re just stupidly rich.  Las Vegas offers the same amenities and far less of a chance of being locked up abroad.  When it comes to picking Vegas or Macau, we would choose Vegas every single day.

It has to be pointed out that flight duration can vary based on a number of factors.  Locations can have different planes, layovers, and weather conditions along the way that all impact travel times.  It really just depends.   These numbers should give you a good idea of what you are looking at in terms of flight times to Macau should you choose to embark on the journey!  Regardless, don’t forget your music and reading materials.  There’s nothing worse than listening to the drone of a plane for nearly a full day.

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