Best Hotels in Macau

Grand Lisboa

A trip to Macau is unlike any other.  Macau is becoming a Mecca of sorts for big time gamblers.  It’s difficult to get to, but when you’re there the benefits are endless.  There are so many choices in terms of where you stay, where you gamble, and where you eat.  There are plenty of options out there, but we love nice things.  We’re only concerned with the top of the top.  These top five Macau hotels and casinos are above the rest.  Thanks to their exquisite amenities and their betting options for every kind of player, these are the best hotels in Macau that anyone can hope to find.

  1. Grand Lisboa

A top-level casino hotel will be a destination where people can relax, eat, wager, and have fun all in one place.  The Grand Lisboa falls into this category by offering plenty for bettors, diners, and countless others to enjoy. With an LED lit dome that serves as its trademark, the Grand Lisboa makes a splash before you even enter the building.  That type of gravitas secured its place amongst the best.

Once inside the Grand Lisboa resort, there are a massive eight restaurants to choose from.  One of the many highlights is the Michelin Star quality Robuchon au Dome.  Here you dine at the dome’s windows on delicious French cuisine.  It’s a rare quality of food and view.  Bring someone beautiful and you may find your senses absolutely overwhelmed.

With slots, table games, and live entertainment, those who wish to wager or take in a show will also have their needs met at the Grand Lisboa. There is an outdoor pool for those who want to lounge outdoors before enjoying everything they have to offer indoors in the evening. When it comes to getting the all-around Macau experience, you could certainly do worse than visiting this destination.

  1. Hotel Lisboa Macau

Hotel Lisboa Macau really defines the type of luxury and swank that Macau has to offer.  The Hotel Lisboa Macau has a gigantic neon sign that announces its presence to everyone in the surrounding area.  You will be unsure as to whether you are in Macau or the Las Vegas strip. Once inside the hotel, you will still be unsure of where you are.  The restaurants, salon, and indoor pool all combine to create a top-class experience that is not successfully replicated in many places around the world.

For players who prefer table games to slot machines, the Hotel Lisboa Macau is a can’t miss destination. The casino portion of this hotel has a limited selection of slot machines to choose from.  They emphasize a focus on the table game action and players who love that particular action tend to love this Macao casino and hotel.  Where most casinos are slot-heavy, this is a nice change of pace for those who wish to hit the tables instead.

  1. JW Marriott Hotel Macau

Innovation can be hard to come by in the hotel and casino industry.  All of the major players have already pushed the envelope so far in the name of customer satisfaction. Fortunately, the JW Marriott Hotel in Macau has found a way to push the envelope once more.

JW Marriott is synonymous with luxury in the United States.  To put their mark in the Macau market, they have supplied the bathrooms with televisions in the mirrors. Ridiculous right?  Perhaps one of the most impressive amenities of any Macau hotel, this means that even getting ready for a night out can be an entertaining experience.

Also featured at the JW Marriott are a man-made beach and a lazy river ride.  For those who want to get some tropical relaxation in during their trip to Macau, it’s readily available at the JW Marriott.  As a part of the Galaxy Macau complex, this hotel is one of six that combine to make up one of the richest entertainment and hospitality complexes in the world. There is easy access to the slots and tables to be enjoyed here making it a total package of entertainment and gaming.

  1. Wynn Casino

Just like its Las Vegas counterpart, the Wynn Casino in Macau is one of the most glamorous casinos imaginable.  Timed fountains dazzle passers by just as much as occupants are dazzled by what is inside. The hotel features a massive jellyfish tank for everyone to take in.  The resort also has a tropical themed swimming pool that lets those staying at the hotel feel like they are on their own private tropical getaway.

Foodies will love the two Michelin-starred restaurants that the Wynn has on property.  It is the place to go for an upscale culinary experience in Macau. Speaking of upscale experiences, the hotel also has multiple spas for guests to enjoy. These spas offer relaxing experiences like six handed massages and other tantric techniques.  This makes it easier to be relieved of all of life's stresses.

The Wynn has over 280,000 square feet of gaming real estate on its property.  All of that space serves players well with plenty of slots and table options to choose from. If you can pull yourself away from the spas and restaurants, there is plenty of betting action to grab your attention at the Wynn.

  1. Venetian Casino

The Venetian Casino Macau earns the top spot on this list due to its more than half a million square feet of gaming space.  The property dwarfs some of the other gambling options in Macau.  It dwarfs many properties in the world.  The Venetian is the largest casino in the world and one of the ten largest buildings in the world. When it comes to the specifics, the Venetian Macau has over 6,000 slot machines, and over 800 gaming tables. The options are endless for bettors, just like they are for non-bettors at this palace of entertainment.

The Venetian outduels the entertainment capabilities of any other location in the area by having its own arena. The Cotai Arena has been the host of many high-profile event.  It is known for concerts, sporting events, and other big name entertainment dates.  It is the premier entertainment destination in Macau.

It’s a destination location, and with nearly 3,000 suites, there are more than enough places to stay for some of the biggest events in entertainment.

There is no denying that the Venetian Macau is one of the most awe-inspiring structures in the world, let alone one of the most awe-inspiring casino and hotel in Macau. It is incredible how, in a city filled with amazing hotels and casinos, how this one has managed to rise above the rest by simply being more daring than the rest and committing to the elegance that Macau has become synonymous with.

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