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MGM Grand Macau (#5 Top Macau Casinos)

One of the casino capitals of the world, Macau is home to some of the biggest casino brands there are. With all of the action on the Cotai Strip and beyond, you need to know where the best betting destinations are. This list of the top five Macau casinos will tell you where the best places to bet are across Macau and why you should consider them over the other casinos that you may come across instead.

  1. MGM Grand

An internationally respected brand in the casino industry, the MGM Grand Macau is stellar industry. With a waterfront location, the MGM Grand provides both great gaming action and great views of Macau. The casino is over a quarter of a million square feet in size.  It fills as much of that space as possible with signs of wealth and luxury.  Slot machines and table games are not hard to find and are available virtually everywhere on the property.

In total, there are over 1,000 gaming machines to be used on the casino and hotel grounds.  About 400 tables are in circulation and are available for table game action.  On a busy night all of them can be running.  This is certainly enough to satisfy every player.

Baccarat enthusiasts will enjoy all the baccarat action they can handle.  They have an exclusive section to themselves and its located on the second floor of the casino

Overall, there is something everyone to enjoy at the MGM Grand Macao.  It is all you can ask of a major casino brand.

  1. Rio Casino and Hotel Macau

The Rio Casino and Hotel Macau is another example of an established brand in the hotel and gambling industry making the leap overseas.  Macau is an extremely big market for the casino industry.  The Rio is just one of many trying to make a name for themselves in the Asia where gamblers have high net worth.

The Rio is smaller than a lot of the big-name casinos in Macau.  The Venetian and the MGM Grand are much bigger when you compare property size.  The lack of “bigness” is not necessarily a bad thing for the Rio.  Players are able to wager without feeling quite as overwhelmed as they might in the massive casinos mentioned elsewhere in this countdown.  It feels a lot like the Rio in Las Vegas which similarly is smaller than the MGM and the Venetian.

There are 150 slot machines that players can jump on.  Nearly 100 table games are available for player to play on too. That’s a good ratio and allows flexibility for parties of mixed gambling interests.  Those who would prefer table games to slot action are able to do so without being so far from each other.

The Rio is good value and we like smaller casino settings.  It’s #4 on the list of top casinos in Macau and a good bet for any gambler traveling abroad.

  1. Grand Lisboa Casino and Hotel

Clocking in at close to 100,000 square feat, the Grand Lisboa Casino and Hotel is another very strong entry into the list of the top five Macau casinos. They have over 800 gaming machines, and close to 250 game tables to go with them. Their variety of games has been critically acclaimed.  Players have an excellent variety when it comes to what games they can choose from when they get there.

Given all of the massive casinos that exist in Macau due to the gambling industry, it is surprising but true that the Grand Lisboa Casino and Hotel happens to be the tallest casino in all of Macau.  It doesn’t earn the top spot for casinos, but it certainly comes close.  Who can hate on a really tall edifice?

  1. Wynn Macau

When it comes to picking a Macau casino, the Wynn Macau is a staple at the top of almost everyone's list. The Wynn has tons of gaming options to choose from and has a great balance for gamblers in Macau.  When you combine a vast amount of table games, slots, and poker, the Wynn Macau gives players a first-class betting experience.  That’s really what we’ve come to expect with the Wynn name.

Players at the Wynn can expect over 1,000 slot machines as well as 800 tables to enjoy table games on. Seeing a relatively even balance between these two things is great.  Bettors who enjoy one type of game over another will not have to force themselves to play a less preferred game.  It is likely that there is a second or third version of their favorite table game or slot machine that is open.  We hate waiting for that Blackjack spot as much as you do.

The real star attraction at the Wynn casino is the poker room. This poker room is designed with high stakes layers in mind.  Betting tends to get heavy in a hurry.  Bring a big bankroll so that you aren’t left out of the action.  Sometimes you get cracked and it’s best to be prepared.

There are around a dozen tables to choose from at the Wynn poker room.  Games include Hold 'Em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, and more. While big name card players tend to be the target, there are still things for casual players to enjoy here.  If you don’t have the bankroll to throw down at the Wynn Macau, it’s still worth a visit.  It’s pretty surreal to see some of the best poker players in the world up close and personal.

  1. Venetian Macau

A jaw-dropping display of betting venues, the Venetian Macau boasts the largest casino in the entire world.  Macau has a thing for making monstrous structures.  I guess it’s no surprise that the Venetian is one of the ten largest buildings in the entire world.  As you can probably imagine, the Venetian Macau is a massive venue.

Over a half million square feet is dedicated just to the casino. It is a breathtaking monument to casino gaming.  It has more games than you could possibly play within one period of time.  You could try, but you’ll likely fail to play in all parts of this casino no matter how much fresh oxygen the Venitian pumps in.

The Venetian has thousands upon thousands of slot machines.  It adds close to 1,000 table games.  The Venetian leaves no stone unturned in producing an unbelievable Macau casino.

The Venetian Macau also has a poker room.  It’s not as highly touted as the Wynn’s, but the Venetian poker rook is more suitable for recreational players.  The minimums aren’t nearly as high there.  While you probably won’t see any major pros at the Venetian, you also won’t have to deal with them at the poker tables.  We consider that a plus!

Members of the Paiza Club, meant for premium guests at the hotel and casino, have access to their own private gaming areas.  The Piaza Club takes an already incredible betting experience and turns it up a notch with the added benefit of exclusivity. There just is no beating the Venetian Macau if you are looking for the best casino in Macau.

Best Macau Casinos Conclusion

These five best Macau casinos are the top of the top.  These are some of the tallest buildings in the world, but that's not really what we mean when we say top.  These casinos are the best when it comes to their ability to deliver a ton of different game options without going overboard or letting the increased variety impact the quality of their product. When it comes to these five casinos, there really is no wrong answer when it comes to picking a place to stay.  All deliver unmatched luxury abroad and we know you'll love what you experience!

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