Venetian Macau

With a breathtaking gambling scene and the hotel to match, the Venetian Macau is at the top of our list of all Macau hotels.   It is unmatched in terms of sheer size.  The number of amenities packed into the expansive space  the Venetian Macau owns is impressive, but it can also be a little overwhelming. We hope to cover all of the gambling that can be done at the casino in this article.  We aren’t all about the action though. We look to extensively cover hotel amenities and entertainment options too!

Venetian Macau Casino

With over a half million square feet of casino gaming space, the Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the entire world.  That’s right, THE WORLD!!!  They make great use of all of that space.  This is evidenced by their massive array of wagering options. The Venetian has over 3,000 slot machines and 800 game tables.  This really is the premier destination for gamblers around the world.  The sheer volume of the operation that Venetian Macau Casino puts on is a sight to behold.

Venetian guests enjoy top notch poker action in the poker room.  The Venetian brand doesn’t carry the w

eight that the Wynn does for poker, but it is close.   The Wynn poker room is meant for high-stakes players who are truly great at the game.  The Venetian poker room is more accessible to different types of players. This is great for anyone who wants to play a few hands without having to take out a second mortgage to do so.

The real stars of the show when it comes to gambling at the Venetian Macau are the slots and tables.  It is virtually impossible to play through all of the different options that the Venetian has to offer in those areas.  The sheer extent of games makes the Venetian superior to just about every other casino in Macau.  It’s hard to beat as a hotel and casino on the world level too.

Venetian Macau Hotel

The Venetian Macau Hotel is just as impressive as the massive casino. With over 3,000 rooms to be had, the Venetian almost has as many rooms as it does slot machines.  While the number of rooms is impressive, you’ll only be staying in one (or two if you’re bringing a family).  The quality of the rooms throughout the Macau hotel match the number the hotel can handel.

Venetian Macau Hotel Rooms are spacious and inviting.  They’re as luxurious as one would expect from such a massive luxury brand.  Gold accents throughout the rooms and a nod to the Venetian style that the name of the hotel references make everything feel special.  The entire experience can simply defined as lavish.

Among the kind of suites offered are regular suites via the hotel tower, as well as Paiza suites for upper echelon guests. The Presidente, a four-bedroom suite, is the gold standard at the Venetian.  It is a massive accommodations available for those who inhabit it.

For premium guests at the Venetian is the Piaza Club.  This is where you’ll find high rollers and the best customers the Venetian has got. It offers perks like a private entrance, a lobby, and private gaming and dining. The perks really add up if you’re a high roller.  Having a private place to gamble can go a long way towards beating the inevitable crowds at this unbelievable betting venue.

Venetian Macau Entertainment

Venetian Macau Entertainment separates it from the rest of the hotels and casinos on our list.  With more space that the rest of the casinos, its no wonder that the Venetian Macau Casino and Resort can offer more in terms of entertainment than most.  One of the coolest parts about the Venetian Macau is that it has its own arena.

Cotai Arena

The Cotai Arena used to be referred to as the Venetian Arena, but has since changed its name. The venue when combined with the casino and hotel make the Venetian one of the ten largest buildings on the planet.  It isn't hard to see why the demand is so high for the place.  It’s justified given all of the ways guests can spend their time.

Cotai Arena has hosted a ton of fun and interesting events throughout its history.  Major events in the world of sports and music have grabbed their share of the spotlight. Included in the list of concerts that have taken place at the arena are shows from Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and the Rolling Stones.  Some of the biggest names from the past and present of music history have been happy to perform at the Venetian.

In the world of sports, the Cotai Arena has seen two fights featuring the great Manny Pacquiao in addition to UFC action.  NBA preseason basketball games have taken place in the arena as the league goes global.  One of the highlights of my childhood was exhibition tennis match between tennis legends Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. These events are just some of the great things that have happened and will happen inside the walls of the Cotai Arena.

Gondola Rides

Elsewhere, the gondola rides are something that definitely need to be experienced. Another nod to their Venetian roots, this ride takes you through an indoor canal, along with other facets that make a gondola ride something worth checking out, even if all of it is not outdoors.

Venetian Macau Shopping

The Venetian Macau wouldn’t be a complete venue without great shopping.  Like many other casinos,  there is also a shopping mall for guests to enjoy in the Venetian Macau.  What sets it apart, again, is size.  It’s also right next to the river where the gondolas run which makes it rather unique.  Bridges allow you to cross the river as gondolas pass underneath.

The mall features tons of stores, all of which are reputable brands from around.  Nike, Adidas, Fila, Footblocker, Manchester United, and Puma all have stores in the Venetian.   Like many casinos, the Venetian hotel hopes that you will put a portion of your gambling winnings into the shops.  Juicy Couture, Max & Co., Victorias Secret, Elegant Prosper, and others highlight ladies fashion.  There are 8 different categories to chose from at the shops and its one of the biggest and best malls in the world to shop at.

Venetian Macau Restaurants

Venetian Macau Restaurants give gamblers and shoppers a ton of lavish and affordable options.  The Venetian Macau has a great food court that has Dae Chang Kum, Spicy Boy, J’S Favorite, Pizza Pizza, and Naruto Japanese.  The food court super yummy, fast, and good for kids.

Golden Peacock

For more lavish Venetian Macau Restaurant goes, Portofino was named Best Restaurants of 2016 and it’s still delicious two years later.  It is traditional Italian and includes seafood options to go along with an extensive list of handmade pasta dishes and deliciously filling pizzas.  The Golden Peacock is one of the most popular restaurants in the world.  It’s won a Michelin Star and was also voted a Best Restaurant of 2016.  Golden Peacock is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in the world.  You can could on it to probably be the best Indian Food meal you’ve ever had.

Venetian Macau Conclusions

It is incredible how the Venetian managed to put so many things to do into such a large space, to the point that the Venetian almost a bit cramped. That is not a criticism of the Venetian, rather a testament to how well they have done at making every inch of the venue something fun and interesting to enjoy. Throw in plenty of dining options and you will have everything that you could ever need at the Venetian Macau.

Overall, the Venetian casino and hotel in Macau just does not feel like a place that can be missed. Between its record setting casino and its own arena for hosting some very entertaining performances, and a hotel with thousands of rooms, there is no denying that there should be something for everyone at this hotel and casino.

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