Wynn Palace Macau

Part of the Wynn casino and hotel family, the Wynn Macau is a part of one of the most high-profile casino and hotel groups on the planet. The Wynn Macau is a cornerstone of the publicly traded empire.  Known as the “Palace Hotel and Casino,” it more than lives up to the lavish reputation set by the Wynn brand.  It offers an extravagant hotel to go along with a whole host of wagering options that are all set set in a massive space. When you combine its strong assets with the typical beauty of a Wynn property, you know that you are in for an unreal experience.  It’s a good bet to book a stay at the Wynn Macau.

Wynn Macau Casino

When it comes to Macau casino action, there is not much better to be found than what players can enjoy at the Wynn Macau. With over 1,000 slot machines to choose from and hundreds of tables to enjoy various table games at, there should be something for everyone at the Wynn.  The Wynn Macau is Casino is known for offering one of the most extensive gambling offerings in all of Asia.  Lots of casinos are guilty of prioritizing one over the other in favor of making profits.  This creates an unhealthy imbalance that lowers the overall enjoyability of a players experience.  Those kind of schemes aren’t part of the Wynn’s setup.

Wynn players can also enjoy a top-notch poker room.  There are around a dozen tables of action to be had.  Texas Hold 'Em, Stud, and Omaha action are the poker games featured at the Wynn poker room. The number of tables feels small when compared to the massive number of slots and game tables that are at the Wynn, but there is enough poker for everyone here.

What the Wynn has done with their gambling area has been nothing short of impressive.  A really nice array of games to meet the needs of every player no matter what games they prefer.  With this being a Wynn property, there is no question that more professional players will have all of their needs taken care of throughout their time at the property.  Normal everyday players will still feel like they’re living a life of luxury too.

Wynn Palace Macau Hotel

As if the opulent Wynn Macau casino section of the property wasn't enough to marvel at, the massive hotel portion of the property is a sight to see as well.  There’s a reason this place has earned the title of Wynn “Palace” Macau Hotel.  It feels like you’re rooming with Aladdin.

There are over 1,000 rooms to be had at the Wynn Palace Macau Hotel.  The rooms are split between the Wynn tower and the Encore at Wynn Macau, While two sections of the hotel, both have direct access to the casino and are connected through it.

When it comes to Macau hotels, there will not be much of a list of options.  The Wynn offers incredible square footage, the most luxurious fixtures in the game, and really nice bathrooms.  If there’s a lady in your life, this is going to matter.  It is for this reason that I really only stay at Bellagio, Wynn, and Venetian properties.  Keeping the woman in my life happy is a very important part of my life.  We know it probably is for a lot of you too.

Depending on which room you select, you can enjoy a number of great amenities. Among those amenities are large televisions, along with the state of the art bathrooms we just mentioned.  Spending time in your room may not be high on your list of priorities, any time that is spent in your room at the Wynn Macau will be done in a room that is certainly up to the standards of even the most discerning guests.

Palace Casino Hotel Attractions

There is plenty to like at the Wynn Macau beyond just the hotels and the gambling.  There are a laundry list of things to check out when you are there and there is no shortage of Palace Casino Hotel attractions.  A top rated hotel and casino must be so much more than just lodging and gaming alone.  It takes something extra.  Asia does extra extravagantly which is one of the things that puts it apart from a place like Las Vegas.

Tree of Prosperity

Immediately when you step into the atrium your attention will be grabbed by the Tree of Prosperity.  It’s spectacle unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a hotel.  It will surely impress you too.  It is made up of thousands upon thousands of branches.  Its leaves are made of actual gold and bronze.  The result is a stunning visual display.  The tree is a showcase item during a show where music and lights make it dazzle even further.

Dragon of Fortune – Wynn Macau Dragon Show

The Dragon of Fortune is another beautiful display performance at the Wynn Macau.  In this show, a 30 foot tall dragon emerges from the floor.  Smoke from its nostrils fills the air while music plays.  With massive lotus flowers making an appearance, this is another showing that should not be missed.

Jellyfish Tank

Outside of breathtaking performances, there is also a massive jellyfish tank for guests at the Wynn Macau to take in. One of the more incredible sights in all of Macau, the tank is filled with over 1,000 jellyfish. It is also lit up in various colors, with the translucent jellyfish appearing as those colors as they swim in the massive structure together.

Wynn Palace Macau Pool

The Wynn Palace Macau Pool leaves pool-goers satisfied.  Located on the hotel grounds, guests can get away from the noise and bustle of casino life in a secluded area.  Here guests get access to a private swimming pool that utilizes a tropical theme.  It’s meant to give guests the feeling of the tropics while they sip drinks and relax.

Wynn Palace Macau Spa

Anyone who wants a truly relaxing experience while at the Wynn would be best served checking out the spa at the hotel. The Wynn Palace Macau Spa is known for treating guests to a luxurious variety of massages.  A number of massage types are available along with other spa mainstays.  These are all aimed to help relieve stress and make a trip to Macau feel like a real vacation.

Wynn Macau Restaraunts

After you have had your time at the spa, you can enjoy any number of culinary options at the Wynn.  There are eight restaurant options to choose from right in the hotel.   Wynn Macau Restaurants are diverse and you will have a lot to choose from in terms of food on site.  Room service is also available.

Highlight of the Wynn Macau restaurant situation is Ristorante Il Teatro.  The upscale Italian eatery features a delicious pasta selection, pizzas and traditional Italian dishes, fresh baked bread, and fresh caught fish.  It’s on the pricier side and will be great if you want to treat your wife after a big win.

You can’t go without getting Asian food in Macau.  Red 8 is another upscale joint in the casino area.  It is a casual dining place and features some of the best Cantonese and Northern Chinese food in all of Macau.

In addition to great food, there are also three bars on site.  These are perfect for grabbing another drink after dinner if you’re not in a gambling mood.

Wynn Macau Shopping

Wynn Macau guests can enjoy plenty of shopping without leaving the complex.  The Wynn Macau is home to a versatile set of upscale shops that are often discount in variety.  If your trip to the casino is going well, you’ll have fun donating some of your winning back in exchange for discount purchased goods.

The Wynn Macau Shopping mall has all of the names you would want.  Gucci, Channel, Prada, Giorgio Ormani, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes are just a few of the brands who have stores on location at the Wynn.

Did you hit an astronomical jackpot?  Congratulations!  If owning a high-end luxury car is of interest, the Wynn Macau would like to talk to you.  Please head over to the Ferrari storefront in the mall area to examine some of the stock you can pick from.

Wynn Macau Conclusions

All in all, there are so many things to love about the Wynn Macau.  The massive quantity of wagering options all the way to the restaurants and shopping options put the Wynn Macau in a  different class of hotels.  They’re really only rivaled in luxury by the Venetian.

You will feel relaxed and excited all at the same time at this hotel.  It makes the Wynn Macau one of the premier destinations in all of Macau without a doubt.

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