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At LazyBets, we love College Football just about as much as anyone.  That's why we're so consistent with our picks and parlays.  This season we plan on writing over 50,000 words of content on college football.  You wont get any better analysis on the sport than right here.  LazyBets will help you bet like a sharp and all from your arm chair with our football free picks and parlays.

Saturday's are a religious experience in the United States and you don't need a college affiliation to take part.  Anyone can bet on the action and it makes for a great weekend of betting on sports.

It all starts with College Football Gameday in the early in the AM.  After that, it's wave after wave of bettable contest from morning until PM.  Once you've completed your day full of betting and wins, it's time to do it all over again for the NFL the next day.  What a wonderful thing football is.  Isn't it great to be able to bet on sports?

Stay tuned as we cover everything from College Football Conference futures to picks and parlays as the College Football season is upon us.  We're proud to be your source for betting information.  Keep visiting and thank you for being here!

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