Delaware to Offer Legalized Sports Betting Tuesday

Delaware Moves on Legalization

Delaware is the first state to jump and take advantage of legalized sports gambling.  On the first Tuesday of April the state will allow three of its best casinos to begin offering sanctioned Las Vegas style sports betting.  Delaware Park, Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, and Harrington Raceway and Casino will be the first sites to offer US friendly betting on athletic competitions.

Just weeks ago on May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court struck down a restriction barring states from allowing legalized sports gambling.  Many states have been eager to move on the decision, but none has been as fast as Delaware to deliver definitive action.

The Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 had barred any state but Nevada from entering the sports wagering world until Delaware broke through this week.  Since that time, players have had to rely on top overseas sportsbooks to handle all sports action unless they were able to get away to Vegas.

Delaware’s Departmet of Finance ultimately made the call to move forward with sports gambling.  It determined that the state could move forward legally under state law.  They’re hoping that by seizing the opportunity rapidly, they will bring more visitors to the state.  Much like Colorado and Washington boomed from taking advantage of Marijuana legislation, Deleware is hoping for a similar result with gaming.

Delaware even may take a sportsbook online.  Currently Dover Downs has a casino online but it obviously doesn’t offer sportsbook odds yet.  The site itself is pretty janky in terms of technology, so we don’t recommend it. 

Delaware is no stranger to loopholes.  One of the best federal options for opening a business based on business leverage and equality, Delaware has been acting in a gray area of sports gambling for some time.  The state previously allowed NFL betting through its lottery system.  Players had been allowed to bet on NFL games but had to do so with a minimum of a three game parlay.  They multiple game selections created more lottery like odds.  I guess if you’re more likely to lose, that’s a legal thing in the states eyes.

DraftKings, FanDuel, and Online Sports Betting

Delaware’s news comes not long after the news of a FanDuel acquisition and a DraftKings strategy pivot.  FanDuel sold to PaddyPower aka Betfair last week with a valuation of over a billion dollars.  They’re going into the online sports betting space in the US with the help of some friends who have already done very well in European markets.

DraftKings came out and said publicly that they are going after the sports gambling space.  They shifted their strategy as early as the beginning of 2017 to accommodate the surge in need for mobile sportsbook options upon legalization.

With Delaware being near the center of legislation, one wonders if they find a way to include FanDuel and DraftKings to truly make this state wide.  While Delaware is tiny and three casinos are more than enough to suffice for it, people will always want to gamble from their own homes.  We think FanDuel or DraftKings may enter here.  The market is ripe.

US Online Gambling Conclusion

While this is a big move for the state of gambling in the US, it still doesn’t help a ton of us from an online perspective.  We’re still situated with the same players online unless we want to use someone like Dover Downs that will be far less suitable to our online technology needs.

Delaware is mum on overseas gambling laws which places them squarely with the rest of the US.  They don’t enforce overseas play rules since legislation is on the way out and has been for several years federally.  No one cares, especially right now, and we strongly recommend using an offshore book still if you’re looking to wager using your mobile device.

That is, until DraftKings enters Delaware…

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