No NBA Draft Odds in Las Vegas in 2018

No NBA Draft Odds in Vegas

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Gambling SitesWelcome Bonus
★★★★★BetOnline50% on $1000
★★★★★Bovada50% on $250
★★★★★5Dimes50% on 520
★★★★★MyBookie50% on $1000
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Are you wondering why you’re not seeing NBA draft odds in Las Vegas?  You’re not alone.  The outcry has been quite loud amongst the betting public as it was recently discovered that Las Vegas would not be offering odds on NBA draft picks this year.  No bets on the event are allowed in the capital for sports betting.  It’s largely because of a loss the NFL recently took on the NFL draft.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has struggled to set odds on events like drafts because they don’t take place on the field of play.  While political odds and MVP futures are things we now think of as commonplace within the sportsbook in Vegas, they’ve only been a recent addition.  The Commission has only allowed props on drafts for 2 years.

This year the books will be taking a break, and it’s largely because they don’t feel they have an advantage.  Josh Rosen and Saquon Barkley give a really great explanation to why Vegas wont be offering spread on one of the NBA’s most popular events.

This year, Josh Rosen was -$3.00 to $1.00 to be drafted ahead of Penn State running back Saquon Barkley.  We all know the story.  Barkely goes #2 and Rosen slips to 10.  The losses Vegas took on the Barkely vs. bet along with many others resulted in an absolute bloodbath.

Vegas really hates bloodbaths when they don’t favor the house.  Because of that draft and the equality of this draft after the #1 pick, it seems Vegas doesn’t really want to take part.

While Vegas won’t be taking part, popular offshore sportsbooks like Betonline and Bovada have been more than happy to make their own lines.  We published a piece on Betonline odds this week and you’ll be able to see those up to the minute until the draft hits later this afternoon.

If you’re in Vegas, there’s still a way to get action.  You’ll just have to do it offshore.

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