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Here at LazyBets, we take great pride in providing our readers with valuable and free content each and every day.  LazyBets was founded and began in Texas, so we feel a special connection to football.  As the most popular sport in the US,  Football is only going to get more popular now that sports gambling is becoming more popular in the US with legalization.

Football is not an easy sport to get an edge on the sportsbooks in.  It requires constant engagement and research for consistent winning results.  The sheer volume of money that is wagered by the public on football keeps pointspreads moving.  Because there is a full week of action for the books to take, this movement offers opportunities at a variety of stages prior to the game.  That's why we release multiple articles each week.

 On average, Football gets about 5x the betting volume of any other sport in the United States.  It's pretty baffling.  Football only has 16 regular season dates, but the volume they receive during that time is substantial and makes the book's year in terms of profitability.

Because of the variance we see during the week, the NFL picks and parlays section is one of the most important and most updated on the site.  We are passionate about making selections that help our readers become winners, but you need to be engaged every day here to get the right value.

We've been betting our own picks since day 1.  MLB has daily picks have been chugging along at a 60% win rate.  Our 11-1 World Cup knockout stage picks paid for summer vacations.  Don't believe us?  Check our daily pick archive to see how the winnings helped pay for this website.

It's not just our daily free picks that have been hot, but our futures selections as well.  Make sure to our divisional and conference preview prior to the seasons kickoff.  There is nothing but value there.

We're proud of our record.  We're also proud to be betting along side of you.  It's one of the things that makes running this website so much fun.

Please contact us with any requests, comments, or concerns.  Don't forget to head over to our online sportsbook bonus page for a comprehensive view of all the options available to you as a bettor both in the US and abroad.

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NFL Betting

NFL Betting

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