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Welcome to our NFC East preview.  Today we're going to look at one of the NFL's toughest divisions as we evaluate your best bets on the odds to win the NFC East.   Most know that this division is full of rivalries.  It also produced the NFL’s Super Bowl winner in 2017 in the surprising Philadelphia Eagles.  Even with the injury to Carson Wentz, odds were defied in the NFC East division last year. Will the same type of chaos grip the division this year?  

With Super Bowl envy comes changes.  This division is known for having rival owners like Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones and neither was happy with watching the Eagles take home a crown they massively covet.  "Keeping up with the Joneses effect" is a big part of this division and it's in play this season.  It just so happens that we have a Jones owning the Cowboys which makes it ironic.

 The Redskins and Giants will also be looking to adjust to new personnel and schemes in their locker rooms.   The Cowboys are looking to get their swagger back.  They have a great run offense, but all of that could be dismantled if one of their defensive units doesn't step it up.   

Let’s dive right in and take a closer look at odds to win the NFC East with odds provided by BetOnline.  

Odds to win the NFC East:

Odds as of 8/23/18 at BetOnline

Odds to Win NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles

Odds to Win NFC East: -125

Wentz hopes to return from injury Week 1. How will his transition back impact the Eagles?

The Eagles enter the 2018 season on a high.  They were Super Bowl champions for the very first time in 2017 and overcame some some serious adversity.  In particular, a massive injury to the quarterback position shook things up and forced Nick Foles into action after Carson Wentz was having a miraculous and near MVP season.  They Eagles enter 2018 with a chance to defend their crown and they are heavily favored by Vegas to at least win the NFC East division.

A Nick Foles injury almost ensured that the Eagles would have to start 2018 with adversity after he went down on his right shoulder in preseason.  Fortunately the Eagles say he's ok and they are still unscathed in the preseason.  That's a big step for their success this year.  Good health and lots of returning players are the reason the Eagles are seeing such big favorite numbers from offshore online sportsbook players and Las Vegas alike. 

Doug Peterson is now 20-12 in his head coaching tenure.  He'll have a bit of turnover on his staff, and he hopes that those positions have been filled by the right names. 

As many successful coaches experience in successful seasons, Peterson's staff was the target of looting.  Most notably, new offensive coordinator Mike Groh replaces Frank Reich. Reich left to join the Colts as their new head coach.

The Eagles will also have to figure out how Carson Wentz will perform upon returning from a season-ending knee injury from last season and adjusting to a new offensive scheme.  Groh was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in January of 2017 so Wentz hasn’t had time to get used to him.

The playbook is a big worry for the Eagles as Wentz will see a lot of changes after his hiatus.  There isn’t much worry in the organization about Wentz’s recovery, but the playbook could present some challenges when he's trying to get back to game speed.  No team can ever truly know how a player will perform when returning to live game action until the season begins either.

Working in the Eagles’ favor is the continuity they have throughout their offense.  It should really ease some of the pains QBs normally have in their returns from injury. The offensive line is as good as it was last year.  Skill position players like Alshon Jeffery and Jay Ajayi should only get better with more time to get used to the system of the Eagles.

To help with the offense, the Eagles retain one of the very best defensive units in the NFL.  The Eagles finished ranked #4 in total defense and scoring and were the #1 rushing defense in the NFL last season.

At -150, the payout isn’t great to bet on the Eagles to win the division. Backers of the Eagles in this market could be better served betting on them to win the NFC or Super Bowl instead.

Eagles NFC East Champs +125

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Dallas Cowboys

Odds to Win the NFC East: +280

Prescott will need a bounceback season for the Cowboys to obtain the success Jerry Jones demands.

The Cowboys have 5 Lombardi trophies in their lobby and Jerry Jones loves to talk about them.  The problem is, the Cowboys haven’t sniffed that type of success since 1995 and fans in the home state of football are beginning to look to the Texans, yes those Texans, as having a better chance for a Super Bowl title.  Only the Redskins, Lions, and Cowboys have failed to make the NFC Championship Game in the last 22 years.  That has to be impacting the Cowboys odds to win the NFC East and must be on the bookies' minds.

The Cowboys are still a very bullish team if you ask their players.  To the naked eye, an argument could even be made that the Cowboys are a similar football team to the Eagles in a lot of ways.

Led by a power running game that features Zeke Elliott and Quarterback Dak Prescott, the Cowboys will look to run their way to the top of the NFC East in 2018.  The team featured the #2 rushing attack in football in 2017 and returns just about everyone outside of Dez Bryant.  He didn't really like to block anyways.

While Elliott and Prescott get a lot of the credit, both would tell you that their offensive line has a ton to do with the Cowboys rushing production.  The big boys look to regain their swagger again this year by continuing to dominate the run game.  They know that the passing game needs better pass protection to improve a passing rank of #26 last year.  

The defense of the Cowboys will always be a concern, and that could be a problem in a division with so many explosive offensive players.  While there are elite players on this Cowboys roster, they have question marks that need answering too.

Dak Prescott took a step backward in the passing game last year and that might continue in 2018 if someone doesn’t step up in the Cowboys receiving corps.  The team will miss Bryant who had an ugly divorce with Jason Garrett.  He is likely off to Cleveland to be part of whatever the Browns are going to be this year. 

Allen Hurns was brought in to replace the former Pro Bowl receiver who has since fallen from form.  Hurns will join Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams as the team's receivers.  Prescott will be counting on them as he works out the kinks and gets back into a rhythm with new personnel.

The teams biggest "area of opportunity" has to be its secondary.  The unit needs to both grow up and step up at the same time.  It’s a tough ask considering age and league seniority.  The Cowboys don’t have a single corner with over five years of experience in the NFL.

The Cowboys decided to clean house of corner personnel a few years ago.  None of the corners from the 2015 team remain on the roster.  New corner coach Kris Richard has a prefers bigger corners for his lineup. He has them in Jourdan Lewis and Chidobe Awuzie.  They're big, but he will need to coach them up.

The biggest aide for a bad secondary is a good defensive line.  Demarcus Lawrence hopes to anchor the Cowboys this year. He had 14.5 sacks last season after tallying 9 in three seasons prior.  We’ll see if it was a fluke.  Randy Gregory could help improve this pass rush.  He returns from a season long suspension in 2018.

Backing the 'Boys, a team with such exemplary offensive line play and run game at nearly 3-to-1 odds may be a good decision.

The thing that scares us is the defense.  With such young corners, the Cowboys could be getting burned left and right as the season progresses.  Could their run game be good enough to hide that while it matures though?  Only time will tell.

Cowboys NFC East Champs +280

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New York Giants

Odds to Win the NFC East: +500

One last go around for Manning and Beckham Jr. should prove interesting (if nothing else) for New York.

You never know what type of opinion you’ll get on the Giants this year.  Public perception is varied, especially if you’re in the northeast part of the USA.  It’s tough to say whether the state of New York thinks they have a good or a bad team this year.  The odds to win the NFC East even make it more puzzling.

The Giants are only 5 to 1 to win the division which is pretty amazing considering how awful the Giants were at just about everything last year.  The team finished #21 in overall offensive production and #31 on defense.   Many expected the Giants to move on from QB Eli Manning.  The longtime Giants signal-caller and Super Bowl winner had seemed to have fallen out of favor.  Surprisingly though, that wasn't the case.  

The Giants delayed their reset and shocked the world with their second pick.  Instead of a QB, the New York football Giants picked a running back with the second overall selection.  It received mixed reviews.  Many fans and analysts alike thought the team  had much more vital positions to fill.

Don’t get us wrong, the additions of Nate Solder and Saquon Barkley will help.  They just wont get the Giants to the playoffs. The Giants aren't a simple fix, and their problems primarily don't come on offense, but on defense.

Solder is a quality pass blocking tackle, and a big upgrade for the Giants. Unfortunately for New York,  Patriots players don't often leave the team and achieve the same production elsewhere.

In addition to Solder's "time being up" in New England, he's not the best fit for what ails the Giants.  Solder is a pass blocking specialist and he doesn't really mesh with the drafting of Barkley.  Are the Giants going to run or pass?  If they're going to do both, why not pursue a more balanced offensive line cornerstone?

Solder's signing and Barkley's drafting signal that the Giants are still going for it.  Not drafting a replacement for Eli Manning will prove to be a regret down the road, but the Giants are hoping they can squeeze one more productive season out of Manning to keep current superstars happy and feeling competitive.  

The return of Odell Beckham Jr. from injury will help the team win some games, but the concern with Manning has always been his ability to limit turnovers. Unless he improves his interception rate, the Giants won't be very good.  The defense also needs to find a way to magically fix itself with minimal additions.

It could be another long season for Big Blue.  5 to 1 odds isn't enough to make this worth it.

Giants NFC East Champs +500

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Washington Redskins

Odds to Win the NFC East: +800

Alex Smith hasn't lead a losing team in over 5 years.

The Redskins weren’t really all that bad in 2017 statistically.  The team rated #16 in the NFL in total offense and #21 in total defense.  Those middle of the pack rankings give fans hope that the team can level up its play to the quality of the #9 ranking its pass defense was able to achieve.

Washington has a wild card feel at +800 odds to win the NFC East and those odds feel very generous considering the circumstances surrounding Washington and how they're perceiving their own changes.

Many saw Kirk Cousins arrival in Minnesota to be huge.  The size of the contract that Cousins received is something that the Skins had always balked at.  They'll be happy to see the drama end and a QB who isn't a mercenary walk through the door and they've been selling it as such. 

Alex Smith is the new Redskins quarterback. They have said publicly that they believe Smith to be an upgrade over Cousins and a better choice for their system who will give them better odds to win the NFC East.  At the very least, his attitude is undeniably better.

While Smith is never going to blow away those watching him, he is a steady hand and has been a great game manager since he quarterbacked for Reggie Bush in high school in San Diego.  The Redskins could be right and he might just be an upgrade over Cousins.

Smith has been one of the most underrated players in NFL history.  He just wins.  The big question with Smith will be how well he can play in the winter in the northeast and whether he can pick up the system.

Smith simply achieves success and his attitude will be a welcome one in the Redskins locker room.  He hasn’t been part of a sub .500 club since 2010.  2017 was his best season yet with the Chiefs and he’ll be looking to build on the final chapter of his 12 year career with success in Washington.

Smith will have plenty of weapons to throw to.  His options include wide receivers like Jamison Crowder and Paul Richardson as well as tight end Vernon Davis. 

Second-round RB draft pick Darrius Guice was lost for the season.  While the former LSU star will be missed, the Washington running back corps will be solid again as well, as the trio of Rob Kelley, Chris Thompson, and Samaje Perine will provide consistent depth at the position.

If you like Smith, this may be the pick for you this year.  For us, the Redskins simply didn’t add enough in free agency after virtually standing pat.  It's particularly glaring on the defensive end.

Even at 8 to 1, we would stay away from the Redskins this year.  There's just too much risk here for a team going through a QB change and still trying to gain its defensive identity.

Redskins NFC East Champs +800

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Odds to Win the NFC East - Free Futures Pick

Dallas Cowboys

Odds to Win the NFC East: +280

Prediction: Dak and Zeke will have big years for the Cowboys.

The Eagles are the justifiable favorite to win the division, but the Cowboys have a decent amount of value given how well they can move the ball on the ground and wear down defenses over the course of four quarters. 

Dak Prescott and Zeke Eliott are dangerous and look fresh in preseason.  If their offensive line can stay healthy, the Cowboys may be able to minimize the time of possession for opponents and greatly reduce the margin for error of opposing offenses.  

While defense remains a big question mark for the Cowboys, there’s a lot to like here in nearly 3 to 1 odds.  With how quickly the NFL changes standing year over year, we can see it happening for America’s team in 2018 and are getting good value for it.

If you think that Carson Wentz will come back as good as he was, backing the Eagles to win the conference is a better bet than betting on the team at such short odds to win the division, but we really think the Cowboys offer the best value for a versatile bet and payout.

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Good luck out there! MLB picks are hitting the home stretch!

Cowboys NFC East Champs +280

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