NFL Super Bowl Odds – 2018/19

Super Bowl Odds

Odds to Win the Superbowl provided by BetOnline

With NFL season fast approaching and only a few weeks left of preseason fodder, every team in the league has its sights set on getting to and winning Super Bowl LIII. While most of last year’s contenders are back to try and win a title, there are plenty of teams looking to break into the upper echelon and join the NFL elite.  Today’s article focuses on those teams with the best chances to win the Super Bowl in January of 2019. It also looks at the value that is presented in the odds.

This article is meant to be an overview of the top teams in the league as well as a few sleepers to win it all.  Deeper team by team analysis will follow in the coming two weeks leading up to September 1st. Stay tuned to LazyBets as our content expands with the demand shown by our readers.  Thank you to those of you who have submitted questions and shown interest in the football season.  We want you to know we'll be here for you as we have been with free daily sports picks.  

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With that in mind, let’s jump into NFL Odds to Win the Super Bowl in 2018.

Patriots Super Bowl Win? +700?

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New England Patriots

Odds to Win Super Bowl: +700

Will the relationship between Brady and Belichick produce another Super Bowl win for the Patriots?

The Patriots are again the favorites to win the Super Bowl after returning to the Super Bowl in 2017 and posting a 13-3 record in the regular season.  The American public is no stranger to the Pats and they’re not strangers to the spotlight. Whether you love them or hate them, the Patriots are back and as competitive as ever.

Age doesn’t seem to impact the Patriots. The duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick headline a short list of teams with a shot to win the AFC.  The two are coming to an end of their careers and this will likely be one of their final seasons together.  Brady is now 41 years of age and Bellichick checks in at 66 with a snarl.  Neither have much left to prove, yet both continue pushing the envelope of what success means in the NFL. For whatever reason they still love striking fear into the rest of the league and the AFC is constantly bothered by the elephant in the room they present on the road to the title.

For New England backers, picking the Patriots is really a question of value. The Patriots are massive favorites to win the AFC East as they have been in most NFL seasons the last 10 years.  In our Dolphins preview we look at the last team to take the AFC East and you’d be shocked at how long it’s been.

When it comes down to this wager, what you’re likely looking at with the Patriots in each season is at least a playoff appearance.  Mathematically it’s been proven over the last decade that New England is virtually a lock for the postseason. Barring catastrophe, a better can equate this and cut it down to getting 7 to 1 odds on winning 3 playoff games.  That’s the reality of this line.

The Patriots return a top 10 offense in both rushing and passing, and they ranked #1 overall in total defense last year.  The group loses Brandon Cooks (Rams) and Danny Amendola (Dolphins), but retains Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski.  Eric Decker joins forces with Cordarrelle Patterson to provide some new threats. Rookie Sony Michael looks like the three down back of the future for the Pats.

If the Pats fall it’ll be on defense.  While they were #5 in the league in points against, the Patriots were #29 in total defense, posting rankings of #30 in the league against the pass and #20 against the run.  Those numbers didn’t stop the team from making a run last year, but it certainly cost them the title.

With the virtual playoff certainty, New England looks good value here at +700 at the very least.

Philadelphia Eagles

Odds to Win the Super Bowl: +1000

Can Wentz QB the Eagles back to the promised land?

It’s a shock to see the Eagles paying out at 10 to 1, but those are the odds we’re looking at with  Value is the name of the game on this bet, but with all value comes statistical variance. This year's variance for the Eagles will come with the situation they have under center.

Last year’s Super Bowl winners enter this season seemingly better than they were last year. Carson Wentz has been working his way back into shape after a devastating knee injury.  It’s entirely possible that the Eagles get a full season out of the quarterback who many thought was the league’s MVP before he was injured.

You never know how quarterbacks will perform after returning from an injury like the one Wentz suffered and that’s the reason we’re seeing 10 to 1 on the spread here. Missing so many games means that there will be an adjustment period for Wentz to get reacquainted with the speed of the game.  If he struggles during that period it could hurt the team in the early portion of the season. Who knows, it could even cost them vital playoff positioning.

The Eagles will have a huge advantage in the form of their offensive and defensive line play, and that should alleviate some of bettors' concerns with Wentz. The team is dominant in the trenches on both sides of the ball which gives the Eagles a very scary look. They apply intense pressure on opposing quarterbacks while doing a very good job of protecting their own.

As long as they do not regress on the defensive and offensive lines, the Eagles should be contenders for a second straight year regardless of if and how quickly Wentz regains his 2017 form as they were with Nick Foles.  That makes the Eagles a nice value at 10 to 1 odds.

Eagles to Repeat +1000?

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Minnesota Vikings

Odds to Win the Superbowl: +1000

The Vikings D is scary good, but can it win a Super Bowl?

Behind one of the best defenses in recent league history, the Minnesota Vikings are squarely in the picture for the Super Bowl once again this year. The Minnesota defense was tied atop the NFL in yards against per play, allowing just 4.8 yards per defensive snap in 2017. The Vikings were regularly ahead in their games.  That means that their low yards against per play came against plenty of pass attempts that usually net larger amounts of yards. It really puts into perspective how dominant the Minnesota Vikings defense really is heading into this year.

The Vikings biggest struggle in the 2018 season (if they have one) will come on offense where there are many more areas for growth.  Dalvin Cook has showed real signs of electricity in his time in the NFL, but he is coming off of a knee injury and no one knows how any running back will respond to workload on a repaired knee.  The true hopes for the Vikings on offense are embodied in Kirk Cousins. SKOL was able to pry the star man from the Washington Redskins where he had several years of production with very little winning.  

The team doesn’t quite know what it is going to get from Kirk Cousins for the high price they paid for him.  What fans expect is that the team will at least be better than 2017 on the attacking side of the ball. Stefon Diggs now has reliability in his life and when you combine that with the scary defense the Vikings have, they’re an attractive wager heading into the 2018 season, especially at the tasty 10 to 1 figure being offered by our friends at BetOnline.

Vikings Super Bowl +1000?

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Odds to Win the Super Bowl: +1000

Can Le'Veon Bell make his last year as a Steeler a truly great one?

Much like the Patriots, the Steelers’ existence in the AFC has been in another category than the rest of the league.  They two have made up an upper echelon that teams aspire to when it comes to consistency. The Steelers seem to be in the playoffs every year no matter what the circumstances.  It really puts them in a position where just a few playoff wins puts them in or near the Super Bowl.

The commonalities between the Patriots and the Steelers stretch much farther than just their successes.  Unfortunately for them Pittsburgh and New England both struggled immensely on defense when it counted in the playoffs.  Unlike New England though, Pittsburgh had been good on all facets of defense. Their collapse came out of random chance and bad variance.  

Much as it is impossible to forget New England’s collapse to Philadelphia, it is nearly impossible to forget Blake Bortles tearing the Steelers apart in the AFC Divisional Playoffs last season.  The Steelers fell victim to some terrible and traumatic luck, especially when it came to injuries.  Not only did they take down the players that suffered them, but they seemed to impact the players' minds as well.  Horrified viewers remember vividly the moment they watched as Ryan Shazier fought for his life on the field in December of 2017 against the Bengals (not for the faint of heart, the video is horrible to watch).  You can’t really blame them.  The Steelers lost their swagger after that.  

In the end the Steelers have had an offseason to heal.  Shazier is on the mend, which is news that makes everyone smile.  The Steelers mentality is on the mend too, and that’s bullish for bettors.

Mike Tomlin is on the hot seat, Le’Veon Bell is in a contract year, and the defense got some time to digest for its own well being.  At 10 to 1, this could be a salivating line for anyone who believes in terrible towels.

Steelers Super Bowl Win +1000?

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Los Angeles Rams

Odds to Win the Super Bowl: +1200

Goff's team friendly contract makes the Rams a contender, but can they win it all?

The Los Angeles Rams are the NFL’s up and comer and there’s a lot to like about the NFL’s hottest trending team.  The team seems to have the blueprint to winning in the NFL and is looking to continue its path to success with a Super Bowl win this season.

One of the things that has helped the Rams success in recent years is their contract situation with Jared Goff.  Goff is set to make $7.6 million and $8.9 million in years three and four of his contract. You can see how that’s valuable when you compare Goffs talents to someone like Kirk Cousins.  Goff threw for 28 touchdowns and 7 interceptions on 477 attempts in 2017. Cousins had 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions on 540 attempts. Cousins costs $84 over 3 years and will make roughly $28 million this year.

The Rams are massively saving and because of that they’ve been able to be flexible with their acquisitions.  They added a ton in free agency. Brandon Cooks comes in via trade. Ndamukong Suh anchors the class of newly signed players and is joined by All-Pro corner Aqib Talib.  The Rams simply wouldn’t have been able to add these players if they weren’t constructed in the manner than they were.

When you couple the new additions with already trending youth like Goff and running back Todd Gurley, it’s hard to not see the Rams as a factor in the NFC.  The imaginative play calling Sean McVay only makes them more attractive.

If there’s anything to be careful of with these NFL futures odds, it’s the impact of mercenary free agents on team culture.  

If the Rams are able to integrate their new players into their young culture quickly, this team could be a dynamite pick at 12 to 1.

Rams to Win the Super Bowl +1200?

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Odds to Win the Super Bowl: +2000

Can Blake Bortles hurt the Jaguars less in 2018? If he does, it may lead to a title.

The Jaguars offer a compelling combination of talent and value.  At 20 to 1, no team that made the playoffs last season is being less respected than the Jaguars.  That can be a very attractive component to sports betting enthusiasts like us.

Defense wins championships.  We say it a lot here at LazyBets.  It wins a lot of under bets too! When it comes to defense, the Jaguars are one of the most respected names in league circles.  In a passing league, the Jaguars were a no fly zone. They ranked #1 in the NFL on defense last year against quarterbacks and forced the 2nd most interceptions in the league with 21.  The Jags lose nickel cornerback Aaron Colvin to Houston but retain both safeties in Tashaun Gipson and Barry Church. If you want to watch the best cornerbacks in the NFL, flip on the Jaguars to catch Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye.  They both made the Pro Bowl last year.

The secondary isn’t the only attractive piece that makes up the Jags defense.  With so many picks last year, it should be expected that the defense gets pressure on the QB.  The Jaguars finished second in sacks last year.

What killed the Jaguars in 2017 was their run defense and their lack of ability to get ahead in games.  They will be looking to improve upon that in 2018 and that is where this bet hinges.

Blake Bortles is a concern for bettor and team alike.  In reality though, he wasn’t half bad in 2017. He just had hiccups when it counted.  The optimal version of Blake Bortles is Alex Smith. The Jaguars had the #1 rushing offense last season meaning they could keep defenses on the field.  That’s a deadly combination when you’re talking about a defense with the abiliies of Jacksonville's.

To succeed in 2018, all Bortles has to do is limit his mistakes and gain confidence as he manages the game.  We forget how young he is. At 26, he should just now be coming into his own.

If the Jaguars can get back to the playoffs, they are a great value bet at 20-to-1 odds to win the title on style alone.  The clock is a valuable asset and the Jaguars look the most poised of any team to control it with the ground and pound/kingmaker defense setup.

Jags Super Bowl Win +2000?

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Super Bowl Free Pick

Jacksonville Jaguars - Odds to Win the Super Bowl: +2000

With the best defense and running game in the NFL, it's hard not to take the Jaguars at 20 to 1. It's our best bet!

The potential for a big payout by backing the Jaguars offers too much value to ignore when you combine it with just how good the defense is.  With a +10 turnover differential in 2017, the Jaguars will be looking to improve on that number by limiting their own mistakes. It’s something that will come naturally with maturity and the experience of last year's playoffs.

There’s just too much value here which is the reason for us taking a shot.  We value the Jaguars right around the level of the Vikings, and yet BetOnline is offering us double the odds of the +1000 the Vikes are getting despite playing in what we think is a tougher division.

Sometimes you just can’t say no to good value.

Backing the Patriots at 7-to-1 odds is a good play here, but if you want the big payday take the Jags at 20-1 to win the Superbowl and hold on to your hats and glasses.

Make sure to check out more of our NFL futures articles here and don’t forget to check out our top sportsbooks.

It’s bonus season so best get to depositing!!! Good luck out there!

Jaguars Win it All +2000

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