World Cup Free Picks and Parlays – 6/25/18

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World Cup Free Picks

Can Ronaldo carry Portugal again?

Portugal vs Iran Free Pick

We’ve been lacking on the World Cup Free Picks of late as we’ve missed our last two days. That’s largely been to injury.  It’s been very hard for me to type these last few days but I’m back at it with a short analysis and free pick of Portugal vs. Iran.

We’ve been hot and cold this world cup.  It’s a good thing that you didn’t tail our personal picks this morning.  We lost a parlay in brutal fashion as the Saudi’s grabbed a late goal against Egypt.  We had Uruguay to Win and a Draw in Egypt/Saudi Arabia that would have paid a nice 6 to 1 sum for us, but luckily my injury spared readers anguish.

Iran takes on Portugal this afternoon in a game that still very much matters for the final shakeout of Group B.  Ronaldo had some trouble getting to sleep last night.  Will that have any effect as Portugal takes on Iran?

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Group B - Game 3

Portugal vs. Iran

TV: FuboTV Schedule


Portugal: -185

Iran: +540

Portugal: -185

Best Bet: Portugal +129 to Lead after 1H @

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Bet Portugal 1H +129

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Portugal vs. Iran Free Pick

A big game could be needed from Rui Patricio if the Iranians throw men forward.

You’re going to have to shop around for a good line on these games and get creative if you want to make anything with your bet.  Portugal are big favorites but can be had at a semi affordable -185.  If you’re looking to get more creative than that, we highly suggest looking at the 1H spread where the Portugal side are an attractive +129 at MyBookie.

Bettors should be somewhat wary of Iran.  This Iranian side has proven to be nothing but a worthy opponent.  They’ve been particularly great defensively all tournament.  They made one mistake against Spain which ended up costing them the game.  The lone blemish is still their only goal against all tournament.  The Iranians defeated Morocco with a last gasp goal 1-0 but again were able to keep a clean sheet.  This game will still mean a lot if they can beat Portugal who has drawn with Spain and defeated Morocco.

The Portuguese drew in thrilling fashion with Spain 3-3.  They then scored early and held on against Morocco 1-0. They’re in good shape to advance here in the tournament but will still need to beat a good Iranian squad to be where they want to be securely in the knockout stages.

The Portuguese have all their eggs in the Christiano Ronaldo basket, and the superstar continues to deliver on the highest possible levels.  Ronaldo has 4 goals in two games and will be looking scary here to an Iranian side that is defended incredibly but hasn’t seen the class that a Ronaldo brings to the table.

We expect Ronaldo to wreck havoc here, and while the Iranians have been good all tournament, they wont be able to sit back here and play with the same methodical defending style.  If they want to advance, they’re going to have to push forward and create chances for the likes of Azmoun.  If that happens, and it should, it will leave a lot of chances for Christiano Ronaldo to score on the other end.

Portugal Iran Pick

Portugal +129 after 1H @ MyBookie

This game will be a statement for Christiano Ronaldo as he continues to polish off a storied career that is amongst some of the greatest of all time in world football.  It doesn’t matter if Ronaldo didn’t sleep, we like the fact that he got an early start.  We think he’ll do the same against this Iran squad.

Portugal to lead after the 1H concludes +129.

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Enjoy the games everyone and don’t forget to check out our Free MLB pick today.

Bet Portugal 1H +129

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