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The User Portal at has no information on how to register as a user. is one of the up and coming sportsbooks when it comes to search.  With over 14,000 unique searches per month, the online sportsbook is one of the largest unknowns on the marketplace.

Hardly any literature is written on the sportsbook despite the fact that it is so often searched.  Perhaps it is the ambiguity of the book that creates the attractiveness?  Maybe we're missing something else entirely.

The only thing that is evident from the page is the fact that there is a customer service number.

1-888-285-8901 is the customer service line listed on the website.  1-888-285-8904 is the number for wagering that is listed on the sportsbook website.  1-888-285-8816 is the number for the horse betting if you're interested in that sort of thing.

We are going to do some investigative reporting on this book to find out if it is legitimate.  Stay tuned for a more detailed overview of as we attempt to legitimize what is a commonly sought after sportsbook.

Until then, go with a name we trust like another ag that is way more reputable for US players, (our top sportsbook for great lines).  Not interested?  5dimes or will just have to do the trick.  At this point in time, they look a lot more trustworthy.  We have other top sportsbook options here.  I know for a fact you can get money out of both of these companies.  I don't know this currently about

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