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2018 Belmont Free Picks

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Hello!  You have found an “Archived Page” for LazyBets that relates to our Daily Sports Picks.  By all means, read who we liked and check and see who won.  Otherwise, check out our most popular pages listed below.               Popular Pages It seems like just yesterday we were writing our first horse racing article with the Preakness Stakes.  A lot has changed since then. Our website is finished, the NBA season is finished, but somehow we are not finished with horse racing.  We had so much fun covering the last race that we decided …

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Best Online Sportsbook – Top 5

Sportsbook Is Online Gambling Legal? LazyBets Disclaimer – Most US States have no definitive laws around online sports gambling making the space a “Wild West” where there is no regulation within the United States.  Approved is a “LazyBets Defined Term” meaning that the approval of the online casinos comes editorially from us and as an opinion of ours. We have to be up front with you!  Again, over 95% of US States have no definitive laws around online sportsbooks or online casinos.  This makes the practice one that is “gray area” or as some define “illicit” even though there is virtually …